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The last clasp
LETTERS to the editor should Given the volume of letters, we cannot
always be accompanied by the publish all of your correspondence in Navy
I WOULD like to introduce
correspondent’s name and address, not News.
myself as perhaps the other offi cer
necessarily for publication. We do, however, publish many on
who has been awarded the clasp
to the Long Service and Good
E-mail correspondents are our website,,
Conduct medal (Scarce Glory
also requested to provide this accompanied by images.
p18, June)
information. Letters cannot be We look particularly for
Like Lt Cdr Steve Henaghen
submitted over the telephone. correspondence which stimulates
I joined the Navy in September If you submit a photograph debate, makes us laugh or raises
1977, as a Junior Electrical which you did not take important issues.
Mechanic. I was promoted to
yourself, please make The editor reserves
Lt (E(TM)) in May 2001, and
sure that you have the the right to edit your
received the clasp last year.
To help with the mystery, I
permission for us to submissions.
do not recall being on the same
publish it.
Senior Upper Yardmen course as
Lt Cdr Henaghan – I would need
dates to be sure – which means
perhaps there are more of us!
I will be here till November
2010, when (unfortunately) I
have to retire upon reaching the
● The Union Jack – the correct way up – is lowered at sunset aboard
age of 50.
HMS Nottingham Picture: LA(Phot) Jon Hamlet
– Lt Dave Bartholomew RN,
SAR (H) Training Support
Offi cer
Was it Sheff?
This way up...
LT CDR James Parkin raises gross insult to the men and women
BEFORE I joined the Navy in an important point in his letter in uniform fighting under that flag for just
1962, I lived in Clacton-on-Sea Whatever happened to naval to secure our safety.
and vividly remember a visit to standards (June). Of course children are not
the town by a warship. It is a depressing fact that so taught anything about their
£18.00 U.K.
I can picture the ship even now very many of our citizens have national symbols and that is partly
but I don’t know the name – I no idea which way up to fly to blame, but it is not an excuse. A saving of £5.40
believe it was HMS Sheffi eld. their national flag. This problem The Flag Institute constantly
on the cover price
I would be immensly grateful if is endemic even to the highest battles against this appalling
anyone who may have served on reaches of government and it is ignorance.
her can help me identify her. completely disgraceful. – Capt Malcolm Farrow (RN,
– David Dibben, ex RO2(T), More to the point, flying the retd) President of the Flag
Hornchurch, Essex national flag upside-down is a Institute, London
12 Issues posted directly to your home every month
Oceans apart
YES, I would like to subscribe to Navy News 2. CHOOSE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION
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Send the completed form and payment to:
Region Years Rate Tick
UK One £18.00
I WOULD like to point out the complete
Navy News, HMS Nelson,
UK Two £36.00
correctness and truth that the WEO Queen Street, Portsmouth
UK Three £54.00
of HMS Talent made in the article
Talent enjoys Indian Summer (June) –
Hampshire PO1 3HH, England
Overseas* One £22.00
“submariners never cheat and rarely lie”. Tel: +44 023 9273 4448 (24hr answerphone)
To prove half his comment correct, I
Overseas* Two £44.00
would like to point out that the picture to
accompany the article was taken in the
Overseas* Three £66.00
Eastern Med and filed onboard as such!
Only a few hundred miles away from the 3. COMPLETE YOUR PAYMENT DETAILS
Indian Ocean, a rare little lie from the
WEO, a submariner.
Name I enclose
How do I know? Well, let’s just say I Cheque Postal Order IMO
was one of the periscope photographers
in £ Sterling made payable to ‘Navy News’
onboard that walked about the boat
endlessly looking for snaps that could
I wish to pay by
be vetted and published in Navy News,
Visa Mastercard Delta Switch/Solo
and deleting hundreds of photographs of
submariners ‘posing’ for the lens, and we
never seemed to get our names printed
Payment Amount £
in recognition. Card Number
For the record, the photo in question
was taken by LWEA ‘Foxy’ Fox and
the other ‘Peri phots’ who had photos
Start Date Expiry Date Issue No. CSC No.
published in previous articles were
LWEA ‘Crispy’ Crisp and myself, CPO
Andy Cundall.
Signature Date
– CPOET(WESM) Andy Cundall, HMS Postcode Country
Apologies... but when the picture is
Phone Number
This is a
labelled ‘sunset in the Indian Ocean’ we
New subscription Renewed subscription
rather assume it is – Ed
Start my subscription from month
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