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A long and winding path
A PICTURE paints a thousand words
– and this one demonstrates better
than any verbiage.
This is the inaugural Beacons
Challenge – a three-discipline
adventure race spread over two days
in the dramatic and arduous terrain of
the Brecon Beacons National Park in
South Wales.
The Outdoor Leadership Training
Centre – now Powerful Squadron of
the Royal Naval Leadership Academy
– organised a demanding mountain-
eering navigational exercise (pictured
left), gruelling off-road mountain bike
race, and a gritty open canoe sprint,
● LS(EW) Abbi Wilson takes the ball into contact with support
all of which not only demanded
inbound from Logs T Keni in Cumberland’s 30-10 defeat to Valletta
physical stamina but also mentally-
Trying times for 7s
challenging decisions and leadership
Teams of four were invited from
all Naval units to participate to com-
bine all aspects of group leadership, a
chance to command and motivate a
THE inaugural rugby match for The quarter-fi nal against
small team under challenging condi-
HMS Cumberland’s ladies took HMS Montrose was also a one-
tions. There was the added incentive
place in Valletta with the Maltese sided affair with the carrier team
of raising money for Help For Heroes.
ladies international 7s providing running in unanswered tries in a
Minor fl aws in micro-navigational
the Type 22’s opposition. 34-0 thrashing to step up to the
skills caused a few back-tracks and
The host team were preparing semi.
head scratching but teams followed
to take part in the European Next up were Drake, or rather
in quick succession through the
Championships in Belgium, and Fiji-Drake with fi ve of the seven
demanding 30km mountaineering
were keen to use this game against Drakes hailing from Fiji.
phase despite the unusually high
the Navy as vital warm-up due to And they too were defeated by
a shortage of opposition. Ark 31-5.
temperatures and searing sun on the
The teamwork and experience In the other pool, HMS
fi rst day.
of the Maltese was evident very Seahawk had been steadily making
After day one the competition
early on with slick ball-handling progress and the two undefeated
leaders were the Royal Marines of
skills and movement off the ball, immovables met in the fi nal.
HMS Albion 2 followed very closely
leading to two early tries. And there Ark’s good run ended.
by the Defence Diving School from
Despite the gulf in experience, Seahawk controlled the play with
Horsea Island.
the Cumberland ladies made their two early unanswered tries.
Day two saw the mountain bikes
international counterparts work Ark Royal replied with a try
on the start line for the beginning of
hard for their tries, and with their towards half-time but Seahawk
a 28km-cycle through the forestry
refusal to give up the visiting side again managed to squeeze in
tracks of the area.
were rewarded with two tries of another, just in time for the
Mid point, a 1km diversion across
their own scored by AB(WS) Jade break.
the water of Ponsticill Reservoir in
Playforth and RN Ladies player The second-half was again
open canoes reached the KIMMS
ET(ME) V Vakuruivalu resulting dominated by Seahawk which
game memory test, set to assess the
in a fi nal score of 30-10 in favour saw them cross the line three
mental as well as physical agility of
of the hosts. times, but Ark never lost their grit
the teams, before the sprint for home
Meanwhile, teams from across and managed to score once more
along the mountain trails.
the RN attended the annual before full-time 38-17.
The winners with an overall time of
Raleigh 7s tournament, including It wasn’t all an unhappy ending 4h 57m 36s were the Defence Diving
HM Ships Ark Royal, Montrose, for the carrier, as four of Ark’s School. HMS Albion 2 were second,
Northumberland, Albion, seven were selected to join the Albion 3 took third, with 845 NAS
Chatham and Liverpool. Navy Sharks in the upcoming and HMS York taking fourth and fi fth
The Fleet Air Arm, celebrating Bournemouth 7s. spots respectively.
100 Years of Naval Aviation, was
represented by HMS Heron and
HMS Seahawk.
Ladies’ haul
There were three pools of fi ve
Three times Twenty20
Ark Royal were in Group B with
HMS Heron, Neptune, Liverpool,
of fame
and Britannia Royal Naval College
THE opening match of
and the carrier lads demolished
the 2009 Inter-Services
marina Continued from page 48
the opposition.
Twenty20 competition
female featherweight in Britain
for the fourth year running.
Silver and gold
between the Royal Navy All in all, the RN ladies
and Army produced 300
returned from the ABA
runs – a curtain-raiser to
Championships with one gold,
for Red Rose
a day’s thrilling cricket in
two silver and two bronze
medals, making them the most
JUST because HMS Lancaster’s
successful boxing team in the
Batting fi rst in warm and sunny
back from the Gulf doesn’t mean
conditions, the Army scored 151-6
the sport has stopped.
“All the boxers performed
(Lt S Booth 33, Staff Sgt I Dixon
After organising a host of
brilliantly and I’m delighted
26), (POAEA K Adams (Nelson)
fixtures during the frigate’s six-
with the results,” said the
2-25, Cpl A Pollard (Cdo Logs
month patrol of the oil platforms,
ladies’ team coach POPT Stuart
Reg) 2-31), writes Lt Cdr David
LPT Daz Hoare has maintained
Cooke, Secretary RNCC.
the Red Rose’s appetite for
“We are seen by the boxing
In reply the RN early batsmen
community as the leading lights
never really got going apart from
The footballers lined up
in female boxing development
C/Sgt S Needham (Cdo Logs
against a number of RN sides
and we have displayed today
Reg) (26). Despite a valiant effort
in the Umbro 5s at Roko in
that we are technically capable,
from the middle order (Pollard 25,
Portsmouth. After the game of
fit and dedicated to producing
and Lt Cdr Paul Snelling (Abbey
their lives against Sultan (a 7-3
quality boxers. I’m thrilled.”
Wood) (23), the required run rate
win), the Lancastrians went down
Continuing a good month for
became too much and the Navy
to Nelson (2-7) and Collingwood
ladies’ boxing, Lt Emma Garey
fell short of their target by fi ve
made history by becoming the
The 1st XI fared better against
first female boxing referee in
The result of the fi rst match
the Fareham base in an 11-a-side
the Royal Navy.
meant that the RN had to play
match, holding the establishment
She gained her referees
the Royal Air Force in the second
1-1 at the break before succumb-
licence after being assessed
game of the day.
ing 4-1.
by the Referees and Judges
After winning the toss, the RN
In track and field, four person-
Commission of the Amateur
captain chose to bat fi rst, but his
nel were released to compete
Boxing Association of England.
batsmen struggled to get the ball
against other establishments.
As well as the first referee in
off the square.
AB Berry fi nished fi fth in the
the Royal Navy, Emma is one
Only Mne D Upton (CTCRM
800m and long jump but took
of only five in the country to
(37) and Pollard (23) made any
silver in the 400m hurdles with a
qualify to this standard.
signifi cant contribution and a
time of 1m 16.53s.
● Caught and bowled? ET(ME) Sachlin Louis reaches for the catch off his own bowling watched by Navy “I’ve been involved with
fi nal score of 122-9 from their 20
AB Nelson Smith fi nished fi fth
skipper Lt Cdr Paul Snelling during the clash with the Army Picture: LA(Phot) Luron Wright, FRPU East Royal Navy and Combined
overs should have been within easy
in the 1,500m and fourth in the
Services Boxing for just
reach of the RAF.
800m on 2m 28.19s.
a nail-biting fi nish and a win for
over three years but the
Indeed, with their response
order. Flt Lt M Compton RAF were presented to each of the RAF
LPT Hoare fi nished with a
opportunities to advance
standing at 114-1 after 16 overs,
the RAF by 3 wickets. used his bowlers imaginatively, team and all offi cials.
silver medal in the shot with a
myself have been plentiful and
an early result was expected by
The fi nal match brought back mixing spin and pace, yet despite a For his efforts both with bat
throw of 10m 40cm.
have certainly proved to be
the much-fancied Army side to solid effort from Sgt S Houghton
and ball, as well as captaining the
S/Lt Southern took bronze in
very exciting,” she said.
However the RN captain invited
face a jubilant RAF team. (65), the Army were always well
winning team, Flt Lt Compton
the 800m, then gold in the 400m
“I’ve had the privilege to
Upton to continue his allotted
The RAF batted fi rst and behind the required run rate,
was awarded the player of the
with a time of 1m 17.03s and
work under the tutorage of
overs whereupon the Royal
although Cpl M Bray (32) looked eventually falling 13 runs short
silver in the javelin with a throw
Marine took four RAF wickets for
to be comfortable, some tight and at the close. Compton himself
Overall the day was considered
some real legends in the RN
of 21m 12cm.
two runs in two overs.
varied Army bowling restricted fi nished with fi gures of 3-29.
to be an outstanding success,
boxing community including
He and LPT Daz Hoare have
Pollard chipped in with two
the Airmen to 136-7 from their 20 A well-deserved victory
enjoyed by players, offi cials and
Lt Cdr Micky Norford and WO
now been chosen to represent
wickets from the other end and overs. for the RAF, winning their
spectators alike.
Dale Randle
Portsmouth at this year’s Inter-
“Knowing that I’m the first
with the score standing at 119-7 The majority of the pundits fi rst Inter Services Twenty20
Army 151-6 (20), RN 146-7 (20) – Army won
female referee for the RN and
at the start of the last over, RAF did not consider that total to be Championship.
Lest we forget CO Cdr Rory
by fi ve runs. following in their footsteps is
nerves had fi rmly set in. suffi cient, but the RAF side had After that match, the Energy
RN 122-7 (20), RAF 124-7 (19.2) – RAF won
Bryan, he was runner-up in the
pretty daunting but I’m looking
The four runs required were other ideas, displaying bowling, Plus trophy was presented to Flt Lt
by three wickets
RN duathlon at Southwick Park.
RAF 136-7 (20), Army 123-7 (20) – RAF won
forward to the forthcoming
achieved in two further deliveries,
fi elding and catching of the highest Compton and Thales mementos by 13 runs season.”
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