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News and information for serving personnel
Learning at work – on board the Ark
HMS ARK Royal offered a unique Period the tour, guided by Lt
opportunity for 14 employees Daren Leslie, enabled the visitors
within the Naval Command HQ to experience life on board a very
when it hosted an all-areas tour as busy warship, and included visits
part of the National Learning at to the bridge, flight deck and
Work Day campaign. Ships Control Centre.
HR info
The day, the biggest annual The highlight of the tour was
celebration of workplace learning, a trip down into the dock bottom
aims to draw attention to the which provided the unique
importance of workplace learning opportunity to view Ark Royal
and skills and each year thousands
from an angle not normally seen.
of organisations take part and
Lt Leslie said: “Schemes like
stage fun and business-related
this are a perfect opportunity for
learning experiences to help their
the Royal Navy to demonstrate to
staff learn new skills.
our civilian counterparts exactly
With HMS Ark Royal currently
what life is like on board during a
in a docked Contractor Support
busy maintenance period.
THE PEOPLE Service Channel “I think that it is important that
on the Defence Intranet has
● Members of the Navy
they are given this chance to see
been upgraded and relaunched.
Command Headquarters visit
how the requirements of a warship
People Services is the
HMS Ark Royal
change from those demanded at
main source of civilian HR
Picture: LA(Phot) Gregg Macready sea.”
information, whether you are a
member of the civilian workforce
or manage civilians.
The new channel includes an
improved user interface, a new
search engine and simplification
of the content to distinguish professional
policy from process – and
Good or bad, what
managers believe the new-look
channel will “fundamentally
route for WE
change the way that MOD
staff interact with civilian HR
In a typical week between
60,000 and 70,000 MOD staff
THE Royal Navy has always
access the People Services
issues need raising?
worked very closely with
channel via the Defence Intranet.
engineering institutions to
Benefits to users include:
ensure that its engineers and
The new channel is far more marina
intuitive, attractive and simple
FOR nearly six years now the A dozen Forces Post Offices be uplifted to offset closures – I
technicians gain professional
to use, allowing users to ‘hover’
Naval Families Federation has
(FPOs) providing support to the guess one question we have to ask
recognition against internationally
over menu items, making it
been working on behalf of all
UK elements of NATO HQs are is ‘at what cost?’
acknowledged standards.
to be closed as savings measures
quicker and easier to trace
So the big question – are these
The Navy has, in conjunction
our Navy and RM families to
within Planning Round 09.
the route needed to required
things affecting you? Is there
with the Institute of Engineering
ensure that their independent
The affected FPOs are expected
something else we should be
and Technology (IET), developed
voices and opinions are heard.
to close by September 30 2010,
focusing on? What is good and
a streamlined route to registration
marina Several different routes to
Changes in policy or provision
after which postal support will
required information, via the
working, because we don’t often
in one of three recognised
and the challenges that Naval and
use normal international civilian
main menu, or quick links, and
hear about that.
categories, Engineering Technician
Service life bring form the bedrock
channels – as is the case in other
(EngTech), Incorporated
graphics will also draw users to
of our discussions with families.
The RN and RM community
overseas locations where there is
Engineer (IEng) and Chartered
more popular elements of the
We recently undertook a visit
no FPO cover.
is a very resourceful group and is
Engineer (CEng), for WE Branch
to see families in the Yeovilton
Dynamic elements of the page
been some slight changes – are
BFPO addresses are far more
fantastic at exploring solutions, but
area, and it was super to see that
will be periodically updated
you up-to-date and clear on the
than a convenient way to receive
if you don’t know how to pursue
The streamlined registration
so many people came to talk to us
and include hot topics and
processes that are now in place?
post – they are peace of mind and
an issue, or you feel that you need
process greatly simplifies the path
and took the opportunity to raise
frequently-asked questions;
Childcare for children up to
a legitimate recognised connection
to get your view point across,
to professional registration with
some timely and important issues.
‘Policy Rules and Guidance’
age eight: The impression is
with UK.
contact us on 02392 654374 or
the Engineering Council UK via
Here is a taster of some of the
are replaced by a more
that whilst excellent childcare
They are also a reliable and
the IET for WE personnel, both
things we talked about and also
appealing format which clearly
is available, it may be that
timely method for postal voting.
Along with the assistance of General Service and Submarine.
a couple of things we would like
differentiates what the ‘policy’ is
some families are experiencing
How is this to be achieved in
TWO.SIX, we will be featuring as The full details of the
some feedback on:
and what the ‘process’ is on any
frustration in obtaining a place for
the future? a regular item in Navy News, and requirements for the process and
The Maritime Change
given topic.
their children which dovetails with
We’re told that the Living look forward to highlighting topics the application form has now been marina
Programme has now been
Content will include an easy-
their working day.
Overseas Allowance (LOA) will for all our families. released as DIN2009DIN01-123.
announced, and shows all the
The additional concern of moving
to-follow flow chart and clear
planned changes for the home
and obtaining consistent care is one
policy statements, and it will use
ports of RN ships and submarines
that has a recurring theme – do you
RN Presentation Team summer dates
clearer language;
as well as RM Commando units. have any comments? FORTHCOMING RN Presentation Team events include:
A new search engine provides marina
Whilst this is for the future, in Dental care for non-serving Tuesday July 7 at the Station Hotel, Castle Hill, Dudley;marina
a more powerful facility for
the words of Baden-Powell: “Be personnel and their children: We Wednesday July 8 at the Co-operative Sports and Social Club, 23 Dugdale Street, Nuneaton;marina
the updated content, finding
prepared.” have a dentistry poll on our website. Tuesday July 14 at the National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland;marina
more relevant results for the
marina Security of SFA/SSFA: What, As well as looking at all the features Wednesday July 15 at the Scotch Corner Hotel, Junction A1/A66, Middleton Tyas, Richmond;marina
user against specific questions.
if any, issues do you have regarding and news, please take a moment Tuesday July 28 at the Berkshire Stand, Newbury Racecourse, Newbury;marina
However, it has limited
security of your SFA/SSFA? to pass on feedback on the ease of Wednesday July 29 at the Ashford International Hotel, Simone Weil Avenue, Ashford, Kentmarina
functionality against current HR
Continuity of Education finding a dentist in your area. Thursday July 30 at the NRSA Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, nr Woking.marinamarina
Allowance (formerly Boarding Are you reading this overseas?
Anyone wishing to book a place should contact the RNPT on 020 8833 8020 or visit the website at www.
Susan Scholefield, Director
School Allowance): There have Have you heard of BFPO changes?
General Human Resources and
Corporate Services, said: “This
is an important and vital step
forward, improving the HR
service we offer our customers.
Early departure could pay dividends
“It should help busy line
managers quickly find clear
answers to their HR questions;
INDIVIDUALS serving in the Navy on the dividends in the form of an additional lump Officer who left before his 55th birthday is
leaving them time to get on with
AFPS05 pension scheme should be fully aware sum of the same value as that first awarded on that he can draw his benefits due to be paid
the job of managing their team.”
that in order to leave the Armed Forces with his date of exit. to him on his 65th birthday, any time between announced
Users testing the new channel
a full 100 per cent pension and gratuity, they Furthermore, that second lump sum will age 55 and 65 (although there will be some
said: “HR Information is now
must serve until their 55th birthday, or beyond, increase each April by the level of the Headline adjustment to the amount payable), without
FOLLOWING the appointment
being presented in bite-sized
writes David March, Pensions Secretary of the Rate of the Retail Price Index for the previous the loss of the EDP Income Stream.
of Bob Ainsworth as the new
chunks, and there are a variety
Forces Pension Society. September, so whilst it has no greater value, in I will return to that issue another time.
Defence Secretary, the Prime
of ways to get to the right
Leaving the Services before that point means terms of pounds and pence it will be a much Do you have the choice of leaving just before
Minister has appointed Bill
that they are awarded an Early Departure greater figure than the original award on exit. 55?
Rammell and Lord Drayson to
“The new People Services
Payment income stream and a lump sum until
Finally, another option open to the Warrant Choose wisely!
the Defence ministerial team.
channel offers a great advantage
they (usually) reach the age of 65.
Bill Rammell will succeed
orth as Armed Forces
to busy people and it is also
Given the above you would be quite right to Exit date Sept 17 2009 (age 55) Sept 3 2009 (age 54)
Bob Ainsw
Minister, while Lord Drayson will
offering clear, short policy and
assume that anybody who considered leaving
be Minister for Strategic Defence
process descriptions against HR
the Services just before their 55th birthday
Pension at age 55 £24,841.23
Acquisition Reform, including the
topics that are relevant to me.”
would be ‘off their rocker’ – but would they?
Let’s look at two Warrant Officers about to
Gratuity (tax free) at age 55 £74,523.69 championing of new technologies.
Access the new People
Quentin Davies will remain
Services Channel via the
leave the Services, one on his 55th birthday
EDP lump sum (tax free) on exit £74,367.90
Parliamentary Under Secretary
Defence Intranet at http://
and one two weeks before his 55th birthday,
(PUS) and Minister for Defence
and make comparison of the terminal benefits EDP annual income stream on exit £18,178.82
Equipment and Support,
they are likely to receive by age 65.
Baroness Taylor will remain PUS
We will assume that both these people joined
EDP income at age 55 £18,591.98
and Minister for International
This should be first port of
the Services on the same day (March 17 1971)
Defence and Security, and Kevan
call for anybody with an HR
and they share identical birthdays (September
Pension at age 65 £24,789.30
Jones remains PUS and Minister
issues or question.
17 1954).
Gratuity (tax free) at age 65 £74,367.90
for Veterans.
Any feedback or suggestions
Both are on WO1 salary level 7 Higher
should be sent to PPPA-
Band. Total receipts at age 65:
As you can see (right), there is a marked
It’s your 2-6
difference in their overall receipts by the time
Income tax at 20 per cent *£273,253.53 **£298,029.46
they reach their 65th birthdays, and despite NEED to get your message
the fact that one chap left a couple of weeks
Income tax at 40 per cent *£223,571.07 **£260.706.04
across to the rest of the RN?
before his 55th birthday, and accepted a 25
*These figures are made up of tax free gratuity and ten times annual pension less 20 per cent or 40 per cent
To feature in 2-6 contact
per cent reduction in the value of his income for tax WO1 Baz Cooke (Fleet
stream between the ages of 55 and 65; it is **These figures are made up of tax free EDP lump sum, plus tax free gratuity plus 14 days EDP income stream Media Ops), 93832 8821, email
abundantly clear that that sacrifice will pay
on exit, plus ten times annual EDP income at age 55 less 20 per cent or 40 per cent for tax FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC WO
News and information for serving personnel
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