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Food for thought
MEMBERS of the Swansea and becoming a Service Policeman in
Tenby units embarked in South the Royal Navy.”
to a
Wales’ very own warship HMS Also on board were two
Monmouth when she visited potential RN officer cadets,
Cardiff. while a group of Monmouthshire
The youngsters spent a night business leaders flew out to the
on board, hosted by the frigate’s ship as she lay off the coast using
junior rates, then visited various the frigate’s Merlin, embarking at
departments around the ship to Cardiff airport.
see how sailors go about their The business VIPs, like the other
work. guests, saw the ship’s company of CADETS from the Southampton
One of the cadets, Ryan Hill, the Black Duke undergo a series
unit supported a small group of
was impressed by what he saw. of training exercises in preparation
Friends marking the grave of a
“I wanted to be a policeman, for operational sea training,
hero who was little-known in his
but after my visit my head is including small arms firing, air
home city.
poster is
spinning,” he said. defence, damage control and fire-
The cadets attended the
“I’m now very interested in fighting.
● Swansea and Tenby cadets on board HMS Monmouth dedication of a headstone for John
Ross, a man who led a remarkable
life, though for 129 years his grave
to HQ
Interest in Iveston
remained unmarked.
The cadets formed a Guard
of Honour for the Mayor of
Southampton and other dignitaries
before and during the service,
which was well-attended by
members of associations from the
SEA Cadet pin-up boy Alec Read
A KEY supporter of marine Also taking place were an PO (SCC) Russell Calver in the engineering classrooms in the past
local area and from further afield,
has been reunited with an iconic engineering in the London area
advanced Spinnaker module unit safety boat to get a closer view few years, and the livery company
including Durban in South Africa
image from his youth – lost for 50 has paid a visit to TS Iveston
course for Thurrock, Orpington of the cadets in the boats.
– which traces its roots back to
and Livingstone in Scotland, the
years down under.
to see the ship’s facilities for
and Hornchurch cadets and Later Mr and Mrs Poulton
the start of the 14th century – also
birthplace of John Ross.
Star of a national poster
sponsors two cadets each year on
John was born Charles Rawden
Stages 1, 2 and 3 sailing courses. helped Lt (SCC) George Wilson
campaign, the 15-year-old was
a training course.
Maclean, and went to sea as a
The Master of the Worshipful
The visitors’ first reaction was RNR, Iveston’s XO, and CPO
picked to encourage fellow
The sum of £200 each sends
cadets to train with the Navy as a
Company of Ironmongers, Richard
one of surprise at the extent of the (SCC) Dickson mark the Class 2
the cadets on their Class 1 marine
After being shipwrecked in
precursor to National Service.
Poulton, and his wife Sally visited
facilities provided on board – even exams – a task in which Mr Poulton
engineering training at HMS
waters off Durban at the age of
And his mum was so proud
the old minesweeper on the day a
with the POs’ mess out of action had a good deal of experience,
Gannet, covering both mechanical
ten, Ross became a friend and
of the clean-cut young sailor
Class 2 marine engineering course
while repairs are carried out. having been a headmaster of
and electrical modules.
confidant of the Zulu king Shaka,
pictured in winter rig (above) that
for students from Thurrock and The pair toured the ship’s Christ’s Hospital School.
Candidates are chosen on
creating a lifelong friendship with
she took the poster with her when
Chelmsford units was being classrooms and workshops and, The Ironmongers have provided
the basis of the marks gained
the local tribes.
she emigrated to Australia.
completed. after a short tea break, accompanied grants to support Iveston and the
in their Class 2 exams for the
He won acclaim for a long and
For 50 years the poster lay tucked
periods January to June and July
dangerous expedition for supplies
away in an old travelling trunk as
to December each year.
and medicines, on which he was
the ‘£10 Poms’ made a new life for
The awards for 2008 were
accompanied by a Zulu chief and
themselves near Canberra.
delayed, but Richard Poulton
When the parents died, son-in-
has now presented them to
He was a strong campaigner
law Ian Bamford found the still-
L/Cpl Ronald Emery (Bromley)
against the slave trade, and even
pristine poster and contacted the
and Marine Cdt Robert Edwards
has statues to his honour in
Sea Cadet Corps’ HQ in London.
Said Ian: “I called Alec and we
Ronald is now on staff, which
The headstone was unveiled
agreed that the poster ought to be
prevents him from progressing
by the Mayor of Southampton,
returned to its spiritual home.”
further on the cadet side of his
Cllr Brian Parnell, as Admiral of
From his cattle ranch home in
specialisation, but he has offered
the Port, and the cadets of TS
Yass, north of Canberra, Ian told
to help other cadets in his unit
Southampton were proud to be
Navy News: “When Alec (senior)
by making his award available
part of the small ceremony to
and Gladys emigrated with their
to them to assist their progress
mark the final resting place of
three children, all their worldly
through Class 1 instruction.
such a remarkable man.
goods were packed into a few
suitcases and a couple of trunks.
“The biggest wrench was leaving
behind in Ellesmere Port their
eldest, Alec, who at 24 was settled
with a family of his own and a
promising engineering career.
“They couldn’t bear to leave
that poster behind.”
Pensioner Alec (below), who
joined Ellesmere Port unit in
1948, recalled the moment he was
propelled into stardom.
“I just loved my time in the
Cadets. We were based on an MTB
in the basin off the Manchester
● Slough Sea Cadets learn the ropes at Kingsmead Sailing Club
Ship Canal, and in those days we
had lots of opportunities to get
away with the Royal Navy.
“ I remember I was on a physical
Slough fl eet expands
● PORTRUSH Sea Cadets joined other coastal enthusiasts at
training course at HMS Dido
Whiterocks Beach to spell out the needs for environmental change to
when that photo was taken. I made
SLOUGH unit has launched the The boat was also named Knot powered craft with a 15HP engine.
protect the coastline. The event marked the launch of TIDY Northern
PO in HMS Jamaica in 1953 and
latest additions to its fleet of boats Sanity in recognition of Slough This boat has not yet been
Ireland’s Clean Coast programme, in which TIDY NI, in association
Chief a couple of years later.
at Kingsmead Sailing Club. Citizen of the Year CPO Tony christened, but one or two names
with Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland Ltd, encourages communities
“I was there for the launching
The first was the fully refurbished Atkins and the work and time he are in the frame.
to help keep the coastline clear of rubbish
of Ark Royal, did more sea time in
ASC pulling boat, acquired late has put into the Corps in nearly The purchase of this boat was
Wizard, and my proudest moment
in 2007 and since completely 25 years, Knot Sanity being an made possible through Sea Cadet
was taking part in the Spithead
stripped down, repainted and all anagram of Tony’s name and very HQ funding as well as efforts Blazing a trail for the Fife area
Review in Illustrious.
parts replaced. fitting, say those that know him. made by the cadets, committee
“All in all, as a Sea Cadet, I
This was made possible by many This boat will provide training and staff in fundraising.
TS AJAX took the top places in the switch from RN drill to Army/
think I sailed in more ships than
hours of hard work by unit staff for five cadets at a time, starting at The boat will be used to
RBL Scotland (Fife Area) cadet RAF drill.
many of the regular sailors.”
and cadets, as well as donations the basic level of crewing and rising introduce both cadets and adults
Standard Bearers competition, Shaun was due to compete
The 1954 poster offered
both in terms of work carried out up to a standard where a cadet can to the world of power boating, held at the unit’s HQ in Methil. against other area champions for
courses with qualifications which
and finance by local companies handle the boat safely and carry and all participants will have the AC Shaun Anderson took the national title at the RBLS
would benefit cadets called up for
and organisations. out a range of boating skills. chance of working towards the the honours, with Cdt Charles conference in Perth as Navy News
National Service.
To complement the new boat a The second boat to be launched RYA powerboat training scheme Simpson as runner up – and went to press – a first for the Fife
But there was a final classic
new trailer was also bought. was a brand-new Rigiflex 370 and awards. success came despite having to area.
irony for the poster boy.
Deferred from call-up through
apprenticeship as a toolmaker,
Flower-class veterans
when his time came he found
himself drafted – into the Army.
“But at least they recognised the
value of my seamanship experience,”
support Corps projects
recalled Alec. “I was swiftly posted
to the Waterborne Division and did
HANDS of friendship reached project following a ballot of the
my time as a crewman aboard a
across the generations for 900-strong association.
tank landing craft.”
shipmates old and new when Said treasurer Anne Seymour,
The globe-trotting poster is now
Coventry cadets met veterans of daughter of association founder
displayed at Sea Cadets HQ.
the Battle of the Atlantic at their PO Cyril ‘Stevo’ Stephens (HMS
Leamington Spa reunion. Orchis): “One of our principal
Stalwarts of the Flower Class objectives is to encourage young
Corvette Association presented a people to pursue a career in the
cheque for £45,000 to the Corps Royal or Merchant Navy so this
to ensure that the legacy of their project fitted our ethos perfectly.”
tenacious duel with Hitler’s U-boats Captain of the Corps Capt
lives on (see right). Jonathan Fry said: “This generous
The sports hall and students gift will be an inspiration to our
mess at the Corps’ new national cadets commemorating one of the
training centre at Weymouth great episodes of RN history.”
will be named in honour of the The sturdy (if bouncy) Flower-
Flower-class crewmen. class ships, manned largely by
The donation, from the estate RNVR and RNR crews, were the
of Lillian Willis, widow of sailor mainstay of wartime escort duties
Ronald Willis (HMS Poppy) was in the Atlantic, staving off U-boat
earmarked for the £4 million attacks to allow the convoy to pass.
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