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“It’s able to call on an ever- They did so to raise money port, the frigate handed
growing number of nations for breast cancer research. And over the brigand-bashing
to provide assets and the raise money they did – just shy banner
to the good ship
coordination with other nations of £3,000. Cumberland (which regular
and groups operating in the The Pretties set off at 7am – Navy News readers will
area goes from strength to to avoid the worst of the Middle remember was relieved by
strength.” East temperatures – cheered Portland on pirate duties
Cdre Tim Lowe, the senior on by almost all of their male at the end of last year.
Royal Navy officer east of Suez shipmates (who also handed Comme ci, comme ça...).
– officially Deputy Commander, cups of water to the exhausted And so another chapter
Combined Maritime Forces runners). in the life of Her Majesty’s
based in Bahrain – agrees. We say ‘almost’ because one, Ship Portland draws to a
“This international marine engineer officer Lt Cdr close.
collaboration cannot be Kevin White, decided to don But you cannot reach the
understated and as more a dress (presumably not his end of a chapter without a
countries join the fight, we will own…) and join the ladies on suitable conclusion.
continue to work together to their run. It is provided by Cdre
help deter, disrupt and thwart He didn’t post the fastest time Lowe, who sent the frigate
criminal acts of piracy in the – that honour fell to Logs Kesha
a B§Z as she left his
maritime environment,” he Charles – but all the runners
added. crossed the finishing line in
“HMS Portland’s
NOW Portland are
under 40 minutes.
contributions to operations
understandably pretty chuffed
After all that exertion it was
has been exemplified by
with their recent success.
only right that the Pretties
professionalism and a
And talking of pretty... (Quite
rested – courtesy of a flight
positive approach that
possibly the most laboured link
deck barbecue and the ship’s
was clearly evident from
I’ve read in a long time – Ed.)
rock band Not Under Command
the moment you arrived
Actually, more sweaty than
blaring tunes across the Gulf of
in theatre.
pretty as the Portland Pretties
Aden into the night.
“Throughout your
found out in the Middle East PORTLAND’S time on pirate
deployment you have
heat. patrol is now done.
maintained the highest
Then again if you run three After 194 days east of Suez,
standards to operate
miles in temperatures in excess the frigate has finally left the
in all arenas and meet
of 30˚C, there’s not really much troubled waters of the Gulf of
wide-ranging challenges
you can do about it. Aden and Indian Ocean behind
from the tactical to the
All the female members of and headed for the Jordanian strategic.
Portland’s ship’s company port of Aqaba (of Lawrence of “Be in no doubt that
– 32 sailors in all, collectively Arabia fame) for some R&R. you leave the Middle
known as the Portland Pretties – That permitted some floating East having achieved the
decided to ignore the scorching in the Dead Sea and some aim in full and have done
heat of the Gulf of Aden and trot sightseeing at Petra, the ancient so whilst upholding the
22 times around the upper deck, city carved into rock. finest traditions of the
three miles in all. On leaving the Red Sea Service.”
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