ENGINEERING – SPONSORED BY LEICA GEOSYSTEMS Winner: JCB – Hydradig The stand-out engineering innovation this year is JCB’s new Hydradig wheeled

excavator. The company has taken what has traditionally been a problematic machine class and redesigned it from the ground up, starting with the decision to relocate all the major components to the lower chassis. The result is an excavator that has much better visibility, stability, mobility, manoeuvrability and serviceability than anything in this class before. Since its launch last year, the Hydradig has proved extremely popular in the

market, among both rental companies and owner-operators, particularly those working on urban worksites and utility contracts.

EFFICIENCY – SPONSORED BY DATATAG Winner: Marubeni-Komatsu – PC210LCi The winner in this category is Komatsu’s PC210LCi-11 intelligent Machine

Control Crawler Excavator. This is way more than a simple upgrade of the previous award-winning model; Komatsu has created a hydraulic excavator that comes out of the factory with intelligent machine control and the capability for semiautomatic operation. The combination of the machine control system and a tilt bucket that is

automatically limited from digging beyond the target surface should lead to significant efficiency savings on various levels. The bucket cannot dig beyond the target depth, so there can be no over-digging; and complex surface designs can be achieved without having to keep changing the position of the machine.

NON-OPERATED PLANT AND SUPPORT PRODUCTS Winner: Securi-Cabin – Smart Pick Welfare Unit. The winner in this category is a product that prompted absolute delight among

the judges: Securi-Cabin’s Smart Pick Welfare Unit. The units are designed to be placed on site without a Hiab-type crane. They sit flat on a trailer during transport; once on site, the trailer is manoeuvred into positon, hydraulic legs extend from the base of the unit to the ground and then raise the unit off the trailer so the trailer can pull away. The Welfare Unit can then be lowered to the ground.

All of this is done by an operator using a wireless remote control system, so at

no stage does anyone have to climb onto the unit to fix chains, or operate any kind of crane or lifting gear. Another feature of the unit is that it can be extended once it arrives on site – again using the remote control – from 5.4m long to 7.2m.

SAFETY Winner: Husqvarna – DXR Dust Reduction Kit A product that addresses

the serious health risks caused by breathing in dust from demolition and breaking activities. It is a brand-new dust reduction accessory designed by Husqvarna for all its DXR robots for use with a range of Atlas Copco breakers. The accessory supplies water to the tool that binds any airborne dust, causing it to fall to the ground rather than risking an operator breathing in harmful dust particles. It also has environmental

benefits, and improves efficiency on site, as no-one has to be designated specifically just to damp down dust. All the winning and Highly Commended products will be at Plantworx this year

highlighted in the Plantworx Hub and on the companies stands. Plantworx 2017 6th -8th June Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Leicestershire

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