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Aimed at: Wera fans who will relish the organisational possibilities of the kit Pros: Solidly made, flexible usage built in and usual great Wera design.

own nylon handle that is perfect for carrying the myriad of different screwdrivers we need to have with us these days. Since the screwdrivers can be arranged handle-up, we can take advantage of the fact that Wera drivers can be identified easily by the engraved marks on the top of the handles and their new Tool Finder colour code system, thus saving time and hassle. The big, padded, adjustable shoulder strap has strong nylon lock-on clips that attach it to the tool case so that it can be

carried easily, or even taken up a ladder to the work point. The last piece of the set is the 2go 3. This is simply a large rigid wallet about 32cm long, 14cm high and 8cm deep with

its own small carry handle sewn in. It is a great ‘hold all’ for spanners, pliers, cutters and even a small hammer. We all need a case like this for ‘unclassified’ or loose tools that are needed but don’t have to be organised into a set. A wide strip of hook and loop on the back of the case means that it is equally at home attached to the 2go 2 or the 2go 1, or attached to a space in the van or workshop. There will surely be the naysayers who defy organisation and the 2go concept, but increasingly I see people onsite who

have embraced organisation because they see that it saves time and bother. Time spent looking for tools is wasted time and clients don’t like it. The sheer flexibility of the 2go sets will allow users to customise their tools for particular jobs as well as minimising the need to lug a huge toolbox to the work point. Wera Tool Rebels won’t need convincing – they probably helped suggest the idea in the first place!

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