rom Master Abrasives ne Control

Aimed at: Pro and enthusiasts who need an accurate and adjustable grinding/sanding facility. Pros: Air power is versatile and quick and Zipp sander is very compact.

trusty small 7 BAR compressor (all air tools should run at 7 bar maximum, otherwise will shorten the life of the tool), I found that I had easily enough air pressure for continuous work, even at the higher speed. As I have mentioned before, preparation of the tool for working is simple and

quick, as is selecting the appropriate discs - I found that the 60 grit was just too rough on the paint removal job, so I stuck to the 80 and 120 grits. I did find myself leaving a few semi-circular score marks, but that is due to my lack of practice rather than the tool. Once the paint was cleaned, I applied the medium and fine

surface conditioning discs and ended up with a surface that was nearly mirror-like. More than I needed for a simple paint job on top, but it was worth a try to see how perfect it could be. I can see that this tool set would have many uses for several reasons. The kit of

discs and air tool come in a small case so are easy to store and carry. The simple addition of a small compressor makes it ready to use, so trades working out of the back of vans doing small repainting jobs and repairs would find it useful – as long as they remembered to replenish the discs when they were worn!

telephone 01444 440188


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