The DC 400 Tromb – Feel t

Independent Review

by Peter Brett

Controlling dust is a circumstantial business – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The dust extractor

used by a one-man trade operation is bound to be different from those used by an industrial user. Step forward the DC Tromb 400 from Dustcontrol UK. Compared to the normal portable vacuums I use on site, it is a monster, weighing in at about 50Kgs all up. It stands over 1.5 m tall on its huge back puncture proof wheels, and the rear handle is definitely needed to trundle it around. That being said it is quite a controllable monster. I made a point of wheeling it about to photograph it and when I was using it to clean up some ready prepared detritus. One person can move it and control it easily and the braked front wheels allow it to be held stationary when needed. Even moving up and down stairs, the Tromb 400 is easily a one- person job, and it will fit comfortably through a standard sized doorframe. The intended end users for this machine

are definitely in the top and more dangerous silica dust based end of the market – think floor grinders and concrete grinders – where near perfect dust extraction is not only desirable but necessary. The Tromb 400 will cope with the dust from a floor grinder with a working width of 500mm or a large electric cut-off saw. To cope with these dangerous dusts the machine has to be enormously

powerful with suction enough to whip away the dust particles as well as having the ancillary features to protect the users from leakage etc. The joints in hoses, dust gates and so on, need to be perfect. The 115-volt Tromb 400 I was loaned has a 2680W motor that is remarkably quiet in operation – a mere 70dB(A) – quieter than some small portable machines I have used. The flow rate of air through the 75mm

diameter inlet is 330m3/hr that is enough to give you a bit of pause for thought if you hold your hand over the end. How to explain a big love bite on your hand? The next big item to consider is the

corrugated anti-static hose that is sometimes overlooked in terms of importance, but is, in fact, key in the overall performance of the machine. With an outside diameter of 60mm it is wide enough to pull in the quite large pieces of debris that might be generated when cleaning up around concrete cutting or grinding sites, or most likely when cleaning up on a general building site. The machine end of the hose has a generous rubber fitting that can be pushed far onto the inlet spout so that the dust and air seal is perfect. At the other end is a ribbed spout that will not only fit the cleaning head supplied, but a range of other accessories too. The hose is quite heavy because it is heavy duty and resists kinking and

even the odd clumsy foot that stands on it. But it is very flexible and stretchy to reach into quite small gaps. We are quite used to the common use of plastic to make the body of many

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