Fein Dustex 35 MX AC Extr Portable M Class Extraction

Independent Review

by Peter Brett

Cleaning up on many worksites and workshops still consists of a sweep round with a broom, thus actually raising the dust levels considerably. More recently, trades have been adopting vacuum extraction for power tools and then for the final clear up of the client’s floor. Vacs are a great improvement, especially

for the lungs of the end users, but even more recently, the rules and our knowledge have changed. Vacs that were considered good enough (L class machines) are now thought to be failing. What we need are M or H class vacuum extractors if we really want to do a

good job of cleaning up dust from source. According to the EC regs, an M Class machine should filter out 99.9% of all non-carcinogenic dust, while H class vacs should filter out 99.995% of health-endangering dust, including dust with germs and bacteria, and asbestos. But the cost of the extra dust protection is high. A simple L class vacuum

cleaner can cost less than £70. A typical good M class machine is more likely to be in the £4-500 price bracket, while H class machines can be over £1000 depending on capacity and function. Healthy breathing is as essential to life as eating – we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to control, capture and minimise dust wherever possible, especially the silica and wood dusts most associated with building sites. Being mainly a woodworker I try to capture wood dust straight from the

power tool concerned – some are easier than others. But it really helps if you have a vacuum extractor that is flexible enough to use in a workshop or on site, with all the fittings needed for cleaning a floor as well as extracting from a variety of machines. Enter the Fein Dustex 35MX AC – a machine that I will be loath to say goodbye to at the end of my tests. There are many things to like about it, so let’s start with a few features. For ease of handling the Fein is up there because it has 5 metres of a ‘proper’ tough 35mm diameter corrugated hose. It also has about 7 metres of heavy-duty

QUESTION: What is Peter Brett waiting for?

rubberised electric cable, making the ‘working circle’ about 12 metres – enough for much site work. These also make it easy to position the vac out of the way for avoiding trip hazards. Movement of the machine is pretty easy on its four wheels (front wheels are

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