Park Profile

Pacific Park is located on the Santa Monica Pier, one of the top destinations in Southern California, for both locals and tourists. Additionally, the park appears in films, TV shows, and countless TV commercials. Do you still find it necessary to advertise? How aggressive is your advertising campaign? Do you advertise out of Southern California? We rely primarily on our public relations efforts to reach the San Diego and Bay Area markets. Capacity and access are a greater problem than demand, so we can forego traditional advertising.

The Metro Link, Los Angeles Light Rail System, extended itself to the Santa Monica Pier on May 20, 2016. Did the park's attendance increase significantly? If so, what challenges has that brought? The Los Angeles Metro’s Expo Line now brings passengers to several blocks from the Santa Monica Pier. Riders debark and have the option to walk the rest of the way to the beach, Pacific Park or other destinations in the City. We budgeted for the incremental growth from the Expo Line and have managed the increase accordingly.

Are there any ride manufacturers you prefer? Do you purchase a new ride based on any particular manufacturer? We enjoy great relationships with all of our ride manufacturers and look to them as partners in our business beyond the actual purchase of the ride. The decision to purchase a new ride is based on the needs and size of the park versus a relationship with a particular manufacturer.

The Pacific Wheel is 130 feet above the Santa Monica Pier. Assuming it meets your height limit, is there a reason that you use Moser's Pacific Plunge, a 45-foot drop ride, and not a taller version? The Pacific Plunge is a great height drop at 45 feet for the location and ride mix. We took into consideration that the West Coaster roller coaster runs throughout the Park at 55 feet above the Pier deck and the Ferris wheel comes in at 130 feet over the Pacific Ocean so the Pacific Plunge is just the right height. The Ferris wheel is the only ride authorised at that height and offers the most thrilling view of the Southern California coastline. An amusement park on the ocean faces extreme elements. What particular maintenance issues do you face that perhaps an inland park wouldn't have? Pacific Park is very proactive in the periodic maintenance of the rides and general upkeep of the Park. As you can imagine the elements from exposure to the ocean and sunny weather are unique challenges that we factor into our maintenance programme each year.

What does 2017 bring to Pacific Park? We are opening two new rides and a specialty restaurant in 2017 including the Shark Frenzy ride, an adapted Tilt-A- Whirl concept; Seaside Swing ride, a leisurely family attraction; and Wac-A-Molé Tacos restaurant, taking the concept of one of the Park’s most popular and classic midway games Wac-a-Mole to the new restaurant that

APRIL 2017 47

features authentic, California tacos, burritos, and tortas in the midway of the Santa Monica Pier. Looking more long-term and in light of our 20th Birthday celebration, Pacific Park introduced a new Ferris wheel lighting package in May 1996. The nearly $1 million new Ferris wheel lighting package increases colours displayed from the previous eight million to 16.7 million colour value combinations, offers higher resolution, greater colour depth and faster “frames per second” display speed. The solar-powered Ferris wheel’s new programming and display software upgrades increase imaging speed from three to 24 frames per second to display dynamic, custom, computer-generated lighting entertainment in the evenings. Pacific Park’s all-new, one-of-a-kind Ferris wheel lighting

package further enhances the quintessential Southern California theme park and beach experience for our guests and the Santa Monica community. We began our 20th Birthday commemoration in January

1996 with the unveiling of a new logo and brand platform that includes a new visual identity for advertising design, collateral development and in-park signage program, among other marketing activities. We also introduced a new vision statement that reads: “Our purpose is to provide an authentic California amusement experience, where guests of all ages play together in a safe and unrivalled setting.” Pacific Park is a very unique two acre amusement park

that helps attract more than eight million visitors annually to the Pier and we are now poised to welcome the next 20 years and beyond.

Gary Kyriazi is the author of The Great American Amusement Parks, and the writer/producer of America Screams, the first pictorial history and television special about American amusement parks. He has been a researcher and historian on American amusement parks for 40 years.

We are constantly evaluating our ride mix to determine the best way to maximise park space, increase revenues and enhance the guest experience. Based on the need and performance we may refresh an existing ride or begin researching new rides that could fit the Park schematic and meet guest demands.

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