Park News

Chorzow park re-branded S

tarting from this season, the Chorzów amusement park will operate with a new logo and under the name Legendia - Silesian Amusement Park.

New investment of €35m from Slovak firm, Tatry Mountain Resorts, has enabled the park to add new rides and employ the services of re-branding specialist BrandBridge “Together with an interdisciplinary team of specialists,

we have conducted a deep strategic analysis spanning several areas in order to determine in which directions the subsequent steps in the entire rebranding process

should go', explained BrandBridge CEO, Jakub Deryng- Dymitrowicz. “Then, we proposed the brand philosophy,

archetypes, storytelling, picked the colours of the brand, made the logo design, prepared the brand book and creative execution. We also produced unique character costumes which add an additional positive and magical emotional load to this world, and it is not the end of surprises yet.” Michał Szydlik, BrandBrige PR & Strategy manager, added: “The Silesian Amusement Park will celebrate its

58th birthday this year. It is permanently engraved not only in the history of the Silesia region, but in the history of the whole country. Thus, it is only natural that in the course of the changes, we drew on the motifs of the Polish cultural heritage, that is form the legends and fairytales known to us. Legendia is becoming its home.” The new logo and name are currently being

introduced through an advertising campaign that includes outdoor, radio, online and social media. The park is re-opening under the new name on 29th April.

Swiss Heidi park planned for 2020

The canton of St Gallen in Switzerland is planning to build a theme park based around the famous Heidi story by Johanna Spyri, set to open in 2020.

The 100 million franc project called Heidi Europa Park takes flight

German theme park Europe-Park has invested heavily in a new flying theatre ride called Voletarium. In the Voletarium, the continent’s largest flying theatre ride, will see visitors taken on journey across Europe

following aviation pioneers, Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein. The ride has a capacity of up to 140 passengers who will see a movie by MackMedia, which is shown on the

21 metre wide screens, with special effects such as scent, wind, and water added in. The Voletarium is the largest single investment in an attraction for Europa-Park in its more than 40-years history. The

cost of the major attraction is three times as high as the cost of founding Europa-Park in 1975, according to the park owner.

In addition to the Voletarium, it also adding another VR ride produced by MackMedia. The Alpenexpress Coastiality puts riders in the role of pilots and sees them fly over landscapes and villages, matching the route of the family rollercoaster in the Austrian themed area. The animation is based on the third mobile game, Voletarium: Sky Explorers, by MackMedia − available for iOS and Apple devices this summer. The park is also adding a new Water Adventure Resort. The multi-year project will see numerous indoor and outdoor water activities built across a 46 hectare extension area in the south east of Rust. In order to cater for the expected increase in demand for hotel beds, Europa-Park also has plans for a new themed hotel. The opening is planned for 2019.

Chinese firm takes slice of SeaWorld

China’s Zhonghong Zhuoye Group has become the largest shareholder in SeaWorld Entertainment, acquiring a 21% equity stake from the Blackstone Group. Blackstone will receive $429 million, or $23 a share,

a one-third increase of SeaWorld's stock price at the time of the announcement. The sale will enhance SeaWorld's international expansion plans.


Alperlebnis, which was confirmed at the end of January, will be situated on the mountain resort of Flumserberg.

It is only 30km away from the original Heidi

tourist attraction, Heididorf in Maienfeld, which recreates the village where Heidi and her grandfather lived in the famous 19th century children’s story. The new theme park in Flumserberg is an attempt to harness the popularity of Heidi to boost tourism in the area. The park is being developed by Swiss firm

Steiner Sarnen Schweiz, which has created many tourist attractions in Switzerland including the visitor attraction at Jungfraujoch, a visitor tour at the Feldschlösschen brewery and the chocolate experience at Maison Cailler. St Gallen authorities hope the new Heidi

experience will attract some 200,000 extra tourists to the region. The original Heidi experience in Maienfeld brings around 150,000 each year.

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