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Front End I News

Anglia improves UK industry competitiveness with new intelligent inventory management system


nglia Components has launched a new intelligent inventory management service offering the

UK’s vibrant electronics manufacturers a flexible, instantly accessible inventory of commodity components on an invoice at usage basis to support their growth. The new service aims to give SMEs the competitive advantage they need to compete with high volume manufacturers. Anglia 80/20 offers a new level of flexibility in the supply chain, which was previously only available to large volume users through consignment/Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). There is no start-up cost with the new Anglia 80/20 service. Participating customers receive an agreed level of inventory on their regularly used commodity components that are held on their site providing instant accessibility. The level of inventory is scaled according to the customer’s forecast demand, and is only invoiced as it is used. Customers can track component usage in real time through an intuitive web-based dashboard, eradicating the need for manually updated usage reports. Inventory can also be replenished daily, weekly or monthly with monthly

consolidated invoicing if required. This simple but effective process is further complemented by a ‘single scan’ booking in system allowing users to book in a delivery containing multiple parts quickly and error free.

Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia, said, “Anglia is investing for the success of its customers. Anglia 80/20 gives them zero lead-time, zero up-front cost and zero management cost. Using this new service, customers are able to grow quickly and scale rapidly to exploit demand spikes with an instantly accessible stock of commodity components on site without the need to commit valuable cash up-front.” Features to support customers in managing their supply chain include an auditing and stock take mode, allowing customers to periodically verify the inventory held on their site. This information is then transmitted directly back to Anglia eliminating the need for onsite stock audits required with a traditional VMI system. A management- reporting dashboard is provided that can be customised to provide the information and reports required by each individual

customer. Anglia 80/20 offers full transparency of all aspects of inventory usage down to individual part number level with full lot traceability and includes an audit trail of all user activity on each

iPass unleashes the world’s smartest mobile connection technology


Pass, a provider of global mobile connectivity, has announced the iPass developer program, designed to allow developers to embed mobile connectivity into their applications. In this first phase of the program, the iPass SmartConnect Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the tools to easily integrate iPass technologies and services into Android and iOS devices and applications. The developer program and the SDK empower enterprises, operators and device manufacturers with access to the patented technology that allows smart, simple, secure, and always-on wireless connectivity in their own mobile applications or IOT devices. With this technology, partners may also choose to access the world’s largest global Wi- Fi network of more than 50 million hotspots in more than 120 countries. Through the iPass SmartConnect SDK, developers access the APIs unlocking iPass core technologies to activate, authenticate, intelligently connect, and create custom interfaces for presenting and selecting Wi- Fi networks. iPass SmartConnect is building the world’s first quality of service (QoS) database for Wi-Fi networks, both inside and outside of the iPass network. This technology enables iPass to make smart network connection decisions for its customers, by automatically connecting users of its global network to the best Wi-

4 June 2016

part. Anglia 80/20 is multi-currency, and can handle a combination of Sterling, Euro and Dollar inventory.

6SigmaET partners with Rescale to bring thermal simulation to the cloud


Fi hotspot for their usage needs on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

“iPass has a twenty-year history of connecting its customers to the information that matters the most, and a rich intellectual property portfolio reflecting this heritage,” said Gary Griffiths, president and CEO of iPass. “The launch of our SDK may be remembered as the most exciting chapter in this story—the key building block in our goal to be embedded on one billion devices by the end of next year. Our new developer program unlocks our

Components in Electronics

technology to the endless creativity of our partners and customers.”

Embedding global mobile connectivity is ideal for a variety of use cases. The iPass SmartConnect SDK allows developers to bring to market cost-effective alternatives to cellular, or to bolster existing hospitality, airline, IOT, and retail loyalty apps and hundreds of others, while providing access to data that will lead to nearly unlimited opportunities.

eading thermal simulation tool provider 6SigmaET has announced a new partnership with Rescale, the high performance cloud computing platform. Through this partnership, electronics engineers will be able to offload complex CFD simulation to cloud- based servers on demand, drastically reducing simulation times without the need for expensive on-site hardware. With any thermal simulation, significant computing power is required to solve the complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) equations used to calculate temperature and airflow. Traditionally, this has required a substantial up-front investment in high performance computing hardware. Through this new partnership, however, 6SigmaET users will gain access to as much as 1,400 petaflops of computing power delivered via Rescale’s 30 data centres and over eight million servers. This facility will cut up-front investment costs and reduce solve times, regardless of the user’s hardware or locations. Through the secured Rescale platform web interface, 6SigmaET users will be able to allocate computing resource on an on- demand model-by-model basis, paying for only the cloud processing power they require. This provides access to a near- unlimited computing resource, allowing electronics engineers to solve up to 300 million grid cells in a single simulation. Flexible solver licensing options allow 6SigmaET users to take advantage of this hardware exactly how and when they need to.

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