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to professional tools and facilities. The shop incubates new artistic voices through its educational opportunities, while simultaneously creating rewarding teaching opportunities for Shop Members and printmakers in the community.

Printmaking – It’s an education, it’s a business and an opportunity!

Within the last 5 years, the AS220 Printshop has educated over 1,500 students in becoming printmakers. Each year, approximately 550 people will enroll in one or more of the Printshop’s classes. Our dedicated team of Staff members, Key Members, and Shop Members support a shop that is open to the public 5 days a week. We support a commu- nity of over 400 active shop users – people who just want to learn how to use the art form, run a business from our facilities and who are looking for a new career opportunity from all over Rhode Island and across New England.

The Printshop also serves young artists engaged with AS220 Youth, a free multi-site arts education program focused on those in, and transitioning out of, state care and custody. Each week, a group of students ages 14 - 21 pursue print- making at the Shop as an integral part of the Youth Studio’s visual arts curriculum.

You can be a part of AS220.

There are many opportunities for you at AS220. You can join its membership, volunteer your services, support us through donations, take classes, teach classes and much, much more. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the Printshop or any programs, courses or opportunities that AS220 is offering.


Open Hours: Wednesday – Thursday, 10am – 10pm Friday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm Closed to the public Monday and Tuesday

Contact: Brian Whitney, Printshop Manager 401.831.9327 x.201

Beth Brandon, Printshop Facilities Manager 401.831.9327 x.201

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The History of the Printshop t

he first iteration of the AS220 Printshop was spearheaded in 1996 by AmeriCorps*VISTA Mark Pedini. Originally located in the basement of AS220’s Empire Street Complex, the Printshop provided silkscreen printing facilities to novice and experienced printmakers in Providence. In 2003, increasingly stringent fire codes led to the Printshop’s closure.

Photo of the letterpress room at the Dreyfus Printshop

With the acquisition of the historic Dreyfus Hotel at the intersections of Mathewson St. and Washington St., AS220 recognized the opportunity to open a second Printshop and fill the hole left in by its popular basement studio. A full-time AmeriCorps*VISTA, Morgan Calderini, was enlisted to establish and manage the Printshop. Calderini, aided by a team of around fifteen volunteers, opened the second Printshop in September 2007. In its first year, the Printshop at the Dreyfus established the model of the Printshop that exists today, one that offers affordable access through multiple membership plans and diverse educational offerings.

In late 2010, demand for the Printshop’s resources led to expansion. From its 500 sq. ft. two-room incubator space, the Printshop moved to a space six times larger, just next door to the Dreyfus in the recently renovated Mercantile Building.

The move provided a new home for several stored (and storied) presses, including a 4.5” x 9.5” Takach etching press donated to the organization by the RISD.

Since its rebirth in 2007, the AS220 Printshop has taught thousands of community members the art and craft of printmaking.

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