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which means no permission is needed to use them, which is helpful. When selecting a quote I often think of these questions: “Who is the recipient of this card and what is the occasion/reason for sending?” I consider whether it is a message of congratulations, I’m sorry, cheer up, you can do it, good luck, get well etc, etc… And secondly, I ask myself, “Can this card be read and absorbed in less than 5 seconds and is it moving?”

We live in an age where you can get just about anything digitally, including greeting cards. Why go through all the hassle of hand- writing a note in a card, putting a stamp on an envelope, and dropping in the mailbox?

As a consumer, it’s a special process to drive to a particular store and search out the perfect card for someone. I personally love to touch, feel, open and read each card. I like to think about what emotions I want this person to experience when they receive it. It’s the paper stock, the message, the design elements – it’s all a part of the process which makes it incredibly personal. With Inspired By It cards, I go through those same stages even though I don’t know who the specific recipient will eventually be! I want to make sure the paper stock feels special and different but is also environmentally friendly. I like when the design of a card conveys the message quickly and strongly. I work with Emily King at

who is both an incredibly talented designer and a dear friend – Emily has the rare ability to capture and communicate these messages in an exceptionally beautiful way. Because our family owns Barrington Printing, we have fantastic resources to be able to test, sample and take some risks with paper and printing. I believe sending hand written letters and cards (and even journaling!) will enjoy a tremendous resurgence in the coming years.

If you could send just one card to one person in the entire world who would it be and what would it say?

Oh boy. I would probably write a note to my younger self around the time I had very young children. It would say something like this:

Dear Nicole, Please stop worrying so much! I promise that your kids will eventually be potty trained. And they will NOT go to school with binky’s in their mouths. And believe me; they won’t always want to sleep in your bed (although I promise you will wish they would want to in the future). If you can, enjoy them throwing their cup on the floor so they can immediately say “uh-oh”, and appreciate that snuggle time when they are sick with a cold. It really does go by so very fast and before you know it, you will be teaching your teenager about the pressure of social media, fitting in, body image and other very mentally challenging topics.

You’re doing a good job! Stop worrying so much and enjoy the ride!

Photographs courtesy of InspiredByIt

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