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is print dead? P

by Joseph Shansky Shansky Works

There have been many articles forecasting the future of “Print.” They usually mention the migration of newspapers, magazines and other forms of communications from print- ing on paper to going digital. What they haven’t addressed is “Printmaking,” an ancient technology for creating original artwork using various printing techniques, including: * Screen Printing (paper and fabric) * Letterpress * Intaglio & Etching * Relief Printing * Traditional Lithography * Offset Lithography * Monotype * Hot Foil Stamping * Bookbinding

rintmaking, around since the 4th century AD, has been used to reproduce religious manuscripts and artworks for distribution. Of course, the use of printmaking has evolved from its documentary and

preservation purposes to creating works of art designed to be seen and owned by the masses.

Technology this old belongs in a museum.

And that’s exactly where you’ll find the printmaker’s art exhibiting for all the world to see. Museums, galleries and private collections all have world-class, signed and numbered prints from famous artists and up and coming artists alike, encompassing their personal visions and expressions.

If you’re a longtime print designer, you may feel a little left out what with the transition of content to tablet devices and smartphones. With Adobe’s Creative Suite of

30 | Rhode Island Creative Magazine

products bursting with features devoted to digital publishing, should print designers feel obsolete? Will they abandon their long-held beliefs that all art should be CMYK and 300 ppi? Is their work destined to be seen only in uncaring pixels, never to feel the kiss of coated stock? In Rhode Island, the answer is “No.”

AS220 – Keeping the fine art alive!

Printmaking is a full-sensory art form. You feel the raised surface of ink or the indentation of dimensional shapes on the back of hand-made paper. You smell the printer’s ink and your muscles will get a workout working the presses. You can’t do printmaking sitting down.

The AS220 Printshop is a public-access printmaking studio offering intaglio etching, traditional stone lithography, letterpress, silkscreen, and offset

facilities. The shop is equipped

with a range of printing equipment; including a Vandercook SP4 Letterpress and a massive Takach intaglio etching press with a 4.5’ x 9.5’ press bed donated by the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

The AS220 Printshop is committed to promoting the full breadth of printmaking, supporting local creativity through affordable workshops, a vibrant learning community, and access

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