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Create Your Dreams With Pictures, Paper and Pen

by Patricia Raskin

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In order to create your vision, you need to see it in your mind first and then visualize it. It’s more powerful to back up the vision with actual pictures. Here’s an exercise to try:

Make a list of what you want. Start with the abstract. Ask yourself, “What are the qualities of what I want?” For example, they could include, peace-of-mind, balance, courage, good health, work success, being in nature, special relationship, quality of life, beauty, good communications, financial abundance, travel, etc. Then make a list under each of those tangible things that bring you the qualities on your first list.

Next get a large sketch pad, glue stick or glue, specific magazines in your area of interest, and a scissors. Start looking through the magazines and cut out any pictures that appeal to you that fit in the categories you’ve listed. Begin arranging the pictures in order of your priorities.

If you want peace-of-mind and balance, write that at the top of the page and place and paste the pictures on the page that represent those qualities.

Pictures are powerful, and cutting, pasting, and placing the pictures on the page is a lot of fun. Now if this sounds like an exercise for children, it does has a childlike quality. But the effects are powerful for adults too. After you see the collage you have created and review the pictures, they tell a story – your story. The visuals and the feelings they evoke will help you to focus more specifically on what you desire.

This exercise trains the brain, and plants the pictures of what you want firmly and clearly in your mind and subconscious. The more you study the pictures and feel the positive emotions they evoke, the more you are reinforcing that this is in fact what you really want.

The next step is to visualize yourself in those pictures so that you are creating that experience for yourself as you view them.

Try this exercise on a rainy day, or when you find yourself sitting in your comfortable chair thinking about what you want. Choose images that bring you into alignment with your personal goals and dreams. The pictures can help you bring them to life.

The next step is to write down the words that correspond to those pictures. There appears to be scientific evidence that writing about your life has emotional as well as physical benefits.

As with pictures, by putting your thoughts into a concrete, physical world, using pen to paper, you transform the words inside yourself into something outside yourself.

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