Majority of cable and wire is UK manufactured

Claimed to be one of the UK’s oldest and leading specialist, high performance cable and wire distributors, K. Lacey was established over 45 years ago. It also supplies sleeving, heatshrink

and wire identification products, markers and labels with print service, wire assemblies and accessory

products (i.e. pins, terminals). Over 90% of products are UK

manufactured. The company holds a large inventory of stock, and is approved to ISO9001:2008 and AS9120.

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Solvent-free cleaners eliminate waste Industrial print and cleaning technology from Kaye-Dee Marking includes Teca-Print pad (tampo)- printing equipment and Ruco printing inks. The company is the exclusive distributor throughout UK and Ireland. Teca-Print’s range of open or sealed-pot systems prove the versatility of the pad-printing process and offers the flexibility to print on uneven surfaces with excellent repeatability. Supplying printing equipment for

facilities to cover all major support services. The company has recently been

over 42 years, the company offers a wealth of experience in supplying printing solutions to the industrial market. It also provides in-house

appointed as the sole UK distributor of the Nonovis range of cleaners. The eco-friendly, clean and efficient cleaners are a solvent-free system

Shielding gaskets are all shapes, sizes and materials

RFI/EMI shielding gaskets and components from Kemtron include highly conductive elastomers which consist of silicone and fluorosilicones loaded with conductive particles such as silver plated copper, silver plated aluminium and nickel coated graphite. These elastomers can be extruded in various gasket profiles, moulded as components or sheet for die cutting. Knitted wire mesh gasket strip in

either monel, tin plated copper clad steel, stainless steel or aluminium are also available. It is, says the company, still the most cost- effective, all round performing EMI gasket where large profiles and magnetic shielding are required. Also exhibited will be EMI-

shielded, honeycomb vent panels in aluminium or steel. These are suitable for maintaining air flow into

for pad and flexographic machines. There is no liquid waste and no need for special protection for operators, says the company. It also offers the complete range of Mimaki industrial digital printers and digital printing solutions by Bergstein Digital B.V, for component heights of up to 500mm. For customers wanting to

outsource print requirements the company also offers a trade printing service using either pad (tampo), digital or laser marking machines.

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Placement platform makes UK debut

an electronics enclosure while still ensuring EMC integrity. To achieve optimum RF attenuation, the cell thickness to cell diameter ratio needs to be 4:1. The company can also offer single layer styles where lower levels of shielding performance versus reduced thickness is required. Visitors will also see conductive

fabric over foam gasket strip, beryllium copper finger strips, shielded optical windows for display devices.

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Netherlands connection serves Europe

Established in 1973, the Taiwanese company, KS Terminals, has a branch in the Netherlands to serve customers in Europe with terminal and connector products. The aim is to shorten lead times,

reduce transportation time and cost. 98% of products are UL-certified, and the company’s laboratory is certified to ISO17025. Products available include

electrical connectors and terminals, German DIN specification products, ferrules/cord ends, heat shrinkable terminals, tubular lugs, battery

modular connectors (BMC), stainless and nylon cable ties, automotive connectors, crimping tools and machines and solar junction boxes and connectors.

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Carrier range offers support

Cable carriers from Kabelschlepp Metool provides vital protection to moving cables and hoses on equipment. Whether steel, stainless steel, plastic or hybrid carriers with plastic chains and aluminum stays, the company believes it is always able to select the optimal material quality for the respective application. Whether the carrier is required

to be economical or versatile, lightweight or robust, it can supply fast or silent cable carriers, large unsupported lengths, fixed carrier widths or they can be customised to the millimeter. It can also supply large interior heights or special design requirements, covering any size and applications requirement. In its portfolio is TraxLine, a

comprehensive cable range specially designed for dynamic applications. It offers a selection of cables which are cost-effective, flexible and durable, says the company. They are available for indoor and outdoor applications, shielded or unshielded, temperature

or UV-resistant, cost- effective or high-end products with high mechanical resistance. The cable series covers every need in power, control, high-performance, single-conductor, data, bus and coax cabling, as well as common system cabling to Siemens or Indramat standards. In another range, TotalTrax, cable

carriers, cables and connectors are matched components, supplied ready to install and with a warranty for the entire system.

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New standard parts add to 2017 catalogue

Over 1,800 new standard parts are expected for the Lee Spring catalogue in 2017. The company will offer a taster of new ranges at this year’s show. This will include a DIN-Plus series

Following a distribution agreement with ASM Assembly Systems, Key Production Equipment (KPE) is showing the new E by SiPlace SMT pick-and-place system for the first time in the UK. Previously, ASM Assembly Systems

offered only SiPlace high-end systems and handled distribution exclusively in-house. The platform has features for

new product introduction (NPI) centres, says the company, and for small and medium-sized electronics manufacturers, where flexibility is important. Its team has knowledge in sales and services and experience with electronics producers. The first all-round placement

platform from ASM has high-end vision system, E-feeders and high- precision linear drives. The standard model has placement force sensors, which enables it to handle complex circuit boards and place the latest generation of ultra-fine-pitch and small 01005 components quickly and accurately. With the SiPlace CP12PP combi-head, users can run the single- gantry machine as a standalone line, making it suitable for short runs and prototype production.

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stand H19

which matches up in size with standard DIN2098 Part 2 and Part 1 series springs, but with added corrosion resistance (passivation for stainless EN 10270-3-1.4310- NS range and plating for spring steel EN 10270-1-SH range). This expands the company’s offering in DIN compression springs to meet increasing global demand for metric demands with the added benefit of corrosion resistance. They come in two sub-series Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 includes compression springs from

3.0 to 135mm diameter. Part 2 models are available from 0.6mm to 5.4mm diameter. There will also be an expanded

capability in AISI 316 stainless steel including extension and torsion springs in standard ex-stock sizes, as well as for custom applications across all industrial situations from machinery to instruments.

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Protective packaging

needn’t cost the earth One of Lightning Packaging’s most popular new products will be shown at Southern Manufacturing 2017. Korrvu uses a special, tough film to cradle a product and protect it in transit as the contents do not touch the sides. Declan Hughes of Lightning

commented: “Korrvu will reduce returns as it is harder for external forces to damage the product because it is suspended in the protective film and corrugated pack.” It also saves space and storage costs, because it is delivered flat until ready for use. As well as replacing bulky, expensive packs or costly machinery, it is also

100% recyclable without needing to separate the components and is durable for repeated re-use. Finally, the film allows for a wide

variety of shapes and sizes to be packaged using only one pack size, saving inventory.

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