Micro line targets marine and automotive

Micro cable and connectors from Actisense use the NMEA 2000 plug-and-play communications standard to connect devices using controller area network (CAN) technology, originally developed for the automotive industry. The company’s connectivity

expertise provides the marine industry with robust and well- designed NMEA 2000 products that enable the connection of sensors and display units on board vessels of all sizes. Connectors are developed for

the DeviceNet standard, making them robust and compatible with other products from other manufacturers using the standard. Connectors are IP67 when mated. Cable is UL-certified (E137250,

UL1277) and is available as a bulk cable reel or as individual cable assemblies. Assemblies are available in lengths between

Manufacturing divisions illustrate specialist services

In response to continued growth and to illustrate the company’s specialist divisions, Fine Cut Graphics Imaging has rebranded as the Fine Cut Group, with specialist manufacturing divisions for a diverse range of markets. The multi-service manufacturing

0.25 to 10m and are fitted with M12 threaded connectors. Cable reels

are available in 100m lengths. The company’s A2K cable

includes five wires within a single waterproof cable, namely power and ground wires, two signal wires and a drain wire. The drain wire connects to the cable shield which protects the signal, power and ground wires from external radio frequency interference (RFI) and helps reduce RFI emission from the cable. The company is accredited to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Visit Actisense at stand G38

Investment keeps pace with technology

To meet the ever changing requirements of the company’s customers in the aerospace, underwater, oil and gas industries, Aegina Technologies has dramatically increased capacity since the company was founded in 2000. Ongoing investment in new equipment and a fully qualified team keep pace with technological and client demands, says the company. At this year’s show, it will

display some of the complex parts produced, and will demonstrate the 3D programming and surface machining used. Experienced staff will be on hand to discuss the capabilities of the

machine shop and the availability of sub-contract surface treatments for all industry needs. The company is accredited to

AS9100 Rev C. Its engineers work with a variety of materials from aluminium and stainless steel through to exotics and plastics. Quality inspectors are equipped to provide detailed documentation to accompany the finished products. Production control software

enables quotations to be provided with accurate lead times and to control customer orders from receipt through to delivery.

Visit Aegina Technologies at stand N68

Coating line increases automotive capacity

Sub-contract coating provider, Applied Coating Technologies, operates from two sites in the West Midlands, supplying high quality coatings to more than 100 customers. To support automotive customers,

the company recently completed installation of a third robotic coating line and now paints over 10,000 parts per day with capacity to double that production level. Both exterior and interior trim parts are coated in finishes ranging from matt black to the challenging Narvik Black and Atlas Chrome. Examples will be on display at the company’s stand at this year’s show. White goods, sanitary products,

medical, electronics and defence customers are supported from a separate manufacturing site. Characteristically, they have lower

volumes but require significant technical support and fast turnaround times. Spray booths offer high levels

of quality and consistency for the application of cosmetic coatings and EMI/RFI shielding coatings.

The company has one of the largest facilities in Europe for applying conductive coatings to provide protection against EMI/RFI. Paints loaded with nickel, copper or silver particles offer varying levels of shielding performance. Parts are usually coated selectively using high precision electroform masks. Coatings, both water and solvent- based, are supplied across the electronic equipment market, and in particular to medical and defence manufacturers. Coatings are applied onto plastic and metal products and finishes include high gloss, metallic/ chrome-like finishes as well as satin- chrome, soft-feel and pearlescent textures.

Visit Applied Coating Technologies at

stand N1

company offers a range of advanced print, engraving and engineering solutions to the industrial, medical and electronic industries. Its production facilities have the capability to manufacture a range of specialist products including labels, graphic overlays, nameplates, laser marked products and even five-axis machined components. The rebrand includes individual sub-brands for each division,

complemented by a new corporate website to illustrate the specialist services each division offers. The new Group declares a

commitment to innovation, quality and dependable service combined with a capability to blend cutting-edge manufacturing technology with honed craftsmanship skills.

Visit Fine Cut Group at stand L134

Cylinders target industry sectors

Three new product ranges, designed for specific industry sectors will be shown by Pneumax. There is a comprehensive range

of power clamps for the automotive sector, with features such as opening angle adjustment and inductive sensors as standard. There is a range of 316 stainless steel products for the oil and gas sector, which includes ATEX-certified filters, regulators and control valves including Exd and intrinsically-safe versions. This group also includes a comprehensive range of stainless steel cylinders. Finally, a range of vacuum components, such as single and multi-stage vacuum

generators, vacuum cups and ancillary components such as level compensators, has been announced. The manufacturer of pneumatic

control equipment offers a comprehensive range of air preparation equipment, pneumatic, mechanical and electrically operated control valves as well as manifold assemblies which can operate using serial system protocols such as CANopen, ProfiBus, DeviceNET and EtherCAT. A large part of the company’s range of pneumatic cylinders and manipulation equipment is manufactured in the UK. It also builds pneumatic and


Active-PCB Solutions Tailored turnkey assemblies can be created by Active- PCB Solutions, the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider. It specialises in small to medium batch production for high-complexity electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies for dynamic and demanding manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, defence, industrial, laboratory, semiconductor design and motorsport. Visit stand number F73

electro-pneumatic control panels.

Visit Pneumax at stand H26

Final assembly firm believes customers are partners

Experiencing steady growth over the last 10 years, AGS Electronics says it has never swerved from its ethos of having customers as partners. It has an open and honest relationship with customers, no matter what service is required – whether PCB layout, prototyping, hand placement, surface mount, cable assembly, test or box build. As a small to medium sized company, it has the flexibility to

respond very quickly to a customer’s needs.

Visit AGS Electronics at stand K140

Less waste; more efficiency

Helping companies to eliminate waste from existing processes, ALC is a lean consultancy that specialises in helping using Lean tools. It has helped manufacturing, warehousing and service-based businesses increase efficiency and become more responsive to customer needs. With a background in the

automotive industry, director Tim Scurlock has run hundreds of workshops, helping thousands of people to re-engage with customer requirements and promote efficiency.

The consultancy has worked with Vauxhall Motors, Saab, Lohmann, Experian, Monarch airlines, Chevrolet, GM, Canada Life, Able Systems and LCM systems. Tim will be giving seminars each

day at the show, presenting Lean methodology and discussing the benefits of deploying Lean with case studies in manufacturing, warehousing and service.

Visit ALC at stand E104 21 – 23 MARCH, FIVE, FARNBOROUGH | 9.30AM TO 4.30PM (CLOSES 3.30PM THURSDAY)

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