Family company specialises in plastics

With three sites in the UK, Röchling, specialises in micro- machining of plastics, precision machining of PTFE and engineering plastics and machined components made of composites. The company has three

divisions: industry, automotive and medical. It provides plastics for technical applications, system solutions and components for the automotive industry and plastics for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and life sciences.

Electronic specialists mixes power with displays

The range offered by Relec Electronics includes AC/DC power supplies, from 1W PCB mount units to chassis-mounted power supplies up to 5.4kW output power and DC/DC converters from 1.0 to 550W with input ranges from 3.0 to 400V DC and output voltages from 0.8V DC. There is a comprehensive range

of single and three-phase, sine wave DC/AC inverters and also a range of TFT panels and touch panels with options of screen enhancement. A broad range of EMC filters

from 1.0 to 1,100A are for a variety of single- and three-phase

applications, chokes and inductors for noise suppression and transient immunity protection, as well as power entry modules to combine IEC power entry with EMC noise suppression filters and immunity. Finally, a range of vandal-proof,

panel mount switches, includes both piezo (illuminated and non-illuminated) and mechanical switches.

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EMC compliance guide leads to CE marking with confidence

Interested in weight reduction,

improved corrosion resistance or electrical or thermal insulation? The company offers guidance on material selection and help with design for new and existing projects. Machined parts are from 1.0mm to more than 3.0m, using CNC turning and five-axis CNC milling in prototype and high volume quantities.

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stand N26

This year, changes to EMC and radio equipment standards have been brought into UK law. RN Electronics guides customers through the art of EMC compliance allowing you to CE mark products with confidence. Unsure if your Declaration

of Conformity meets the new requirements of the EMC Directive or Radio Equipment Directive (RED)? The company offers testing to European standards (EN, ETSI, CENELEC) and is also a FCC Conformity Assessment Body for the USA and is listed by IC for Canada. From June 2017, RED replaces

the R&TTE Directive to ensure that any electronic device containing a radio (including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS) makes efficient use of the radio spectrum and avoids interference with other systems. The UKAS-accredited test

laboratory offers testing to the latest EMC Directive (2014/35/ EU) and Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU). A team of experienced engineers provides on-the-spot advice and solutions, to achieve and maintain worldwide compliance for customers from manufacturing sectors including; radio and telecomms, AV, IT, aerospace, defence, medical, laboratory and automotive.

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3D and CAD aids precision machining

Precision machined parts from Rowan Precision are supplied to national and international customers in diverse industries including aerospace, medical, safety, defence, lighting, automotive, electronics and telecommunications. Parts can be designed and

CNC milling and turning services from RMA Precision are carried out by a team of motivated and committed people. Services are managed by a team of engineers with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, to supply a service that stands out from the crowd, says the company.

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modelled in 3D using the CAD software. The design can be exported to a CAM package for machining simulation or printed on a 3D printer. There is also a range of CNC

equipment, all controlled by the latest, programmable DNC system which has online back-up. Production capability is centred

around the 13-axis CNC sliding head machines and twin spindle, fixed-head CNC mill turn machining centres which handle any type of material up to a maximum bar diameter of 80mm. The company is registered to

Instrumentation supplements transducer offering

As well as manufacturing transducers and instrumentation to measure displacement, force, pressure and torque, RDP Electronics is the sole UK and Eire distributor for MTS Temposonics industrial magnetostrictive sensors. At this year’s show, the company

will introduce the MTS Temposonics GBM series displacement transducers which it says takes magnetostrictive technology to a new level of robustness. For load cells (force or weight),

fluid pressure and torque (reaction or rotating) the company offers the strain-gauge technology from Honeywell’s Sensotec and Lebow ranges. Load cell full scale ranges run from 250g to over 1,000 tonnes. Pressure transducers (gauge, absolute or differential) are available with full scales from 35mbar to over 10,000 bar. Torque transducers and systems have full scale capabilities from 70mNm to 2,500Nm.

RF module prepares for IoT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes unavoidable, RF Solutions has released the RF-LORA module, a high performing radio module in a compact 23 x 20mm form factor. The module has been created to offer the popular LoRa technology by Semtech for IoT applications. It can achieve an impressive

range of up to 16km, spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity with minimum current consumption, says the company. It features the Semtech SX1272 LoRa chip,

making it suitable for IoT devices using the LoRaWAN network. With built-in preamble detection the RF-LORA allows a transmission to be sent without interference. The module is available in SMT

and DIL packages and offers cost-effective, licence-exempt hardware for fast time-to-market. Applications range from sensor networks to home automation.

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Aluminium profiles bring competitive advantage

Extrusion, finishing, cutting and fabrication including welding, assembly and 12m CNC machining are just some of the in-house facilities that Sapa Profiles UK offers. The manufacturer of aluminium

aerospace quality standard BS EN AS 9100. It has recently installed a Keyence image measurement system and a MecWash aqueous ultrasonic cleaning plant meets stringent cleanliness requirements. It is one of the most environmentally- friendly wash machines on the market, says the company. Finally, in addition to an extensive manufacturing capability, it adds finishing, extensive assembly facilities and Kanban and consignment stock services, all delivered directly to customers.

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extrusion has strong relationships in the manufacturing industry, with experience in global manufacturing industries in many sectors. It aims to answer one key question: ‘Can it be made more ingeniously, more easily, more rapidly or more cost effectively?’. Aluminium ore is abundant and,

when refined, it is very strong, lightweight, and dimensionally stable. It is resistant to the elements and, at the end of its service life, infinitely recyclable, with no loss of original material. It is, says the company, the clear choice, for example when compared with steel, it is one third the weight. Weight saving also benefits other areas of

Associated instrumentation,

physically separate or integral to the transducer, offers analogue voltage, 4.0 to 20mA, RS232, RS485, SSI and a variety of fieldbus types. Additional features such as scalable displays, trips and data-logging are available. The company has solutions for high

temperature, radiation, high pressure and long-term sub-sea installation. Design, development

and manufacture is at the Wolverhampton factory, where custom transducers can be designed to suit specific requirements.

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the supply chain – the material is easier and simpler to transport thus lowering freight costs, handling is simpler and therefore less costly. The company offers a range of

engineered aluminium profiles for all types of manufacturing industry and is well placed to guarantee continuity of supply from small, to the very largest volumes.

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