RF connectors can be

off-the-shelf or bespoke A range of 50 and 75 Ohm cables, and PCB mount connectors meet RF connectivity challenges in harsh environments. Coax Connectors designs,

manufactures and supplies high performance RF connectors for a wide range of applications and can provide off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions. Amongst the connectors being

displayed at this year’s show will be new SMA IP68-sealed bulkhead connectors (pictured). These have been developed to support the increasing demand for high performance connectors used in challenging environments. They are sealed when mated or unmated, giving protection in water to a depth of 10m for at least four hours. Another new product is the

Micro BNC 12G insulated metal thread bulkhead jack to jack adapter. This little connector has been designed for full HD

applications. It has a pitch of just 9mm, giving a capacity of 96 12G channels in a 1U panel. The company has increased

its single-channel, 12G-SDI connectors, with Korus BNC and Micro BNC (HD-BNC) ranges offer a selection of 12G connectors suitable for 4K ultra HD and 12G-SDI video applications, and include cable mount connectors, PCB connectors, and adapters.

Visit Coax Connectors at stand H134

See 3D printers in action

3D printers can be seen in action at Creat3D, the independent specialist in desktop 3D printers. They can be used for tooling, jigs and fixtures, casings, enclosures, sacrificial parts, end-use parts, sales tools, moulds, components and casings. New releases that can be seen at

the show include the Markforged range, including the Onyx Series, Mark X and Mark Two. They are engineered for high strength 3D printed parts, in some cases generating a higher strength-to- weight ratio than aluminium. Using a composite approach, MarkForged uses nylon or onyx (nylon with micro carbon fibres) as a base material, but can incorporate kevlar, fibre glass or carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is the key to very high strength prints, whereas

Sub-contractor highlights trio of manufacturing skills

Samples from Chinasavvy’s three main manufacturing skills – castings, fabrications and precision machining, will be showcased at this year’s show. Based in the heart of industrial

China, the ISO 9001, British owned and managed company offers engineering and custom manufacturing to customers from North America to UK, Europe, Australasia and many other countries. It manufactures castings from

grams to 20MT and includes sand castings, gravity castings, investment castings, die castings, lost foam castings and shell castings. Castings include giant rock crusher parts, mining cutting face units, automotive super chargers and pumps. Fabrications include billet, sheet

and tube parts and structures using laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, robot welding, powder coating and other finishes. It also offers stainless steel mobile radar housings and continuous supply

systems; dispensers; containers and industrial housings. Precision machining includes the

use of three, four and five-axis CNC machining and lathe work. Examples include high precision machining of camera parts in magnesium for major manufacturers, electronics parts and stainless steel larger parts. Other processes include forgings,

metal-injection moulding, sintering, plastic injection moulding and extrusions. For IP protection, the company

provides an assembly service to assist in the elimination of copying.

Visit Chinasavvy at stand J32

Displays stretch LCD formats

kevlar is for impact or abrasion resistance applications. Another introduction is the

Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, for working with small components and casings with fine details. Using SLA technology, with a variety of engineering materials including high temperature (up to 289°C) and flexible resins, it generates an excellent surface finish and accuracy, says the company.

Visit Creat3D at stand R127

Innovate heat treatment quickly within frameworks

Nic Williamson, managing director of Davis Scientific Treatments, explains that it is possible to innovate while supporting production requirements. The company provides heat

treatment and brazing services. A recent innovation is that it has developed the ability to carry out exacting brazing of ceramic parts. It has also invested in a vacuum furnace dedicated to brazing aluminium parts for extremely demanding applications. The development partnership

with the customer is highly valued. Additionally, agile businesses are able to respond to the customer’s needs. Auditors have noted that a batch may be on site for only an hour longer than the process time.

Examples from Craft Data’s display portfolio range from simple alphanumeric LCD modules, through to monochrome graphic modules. The company’s full colour TFT LCDs include four-wire resistive and projected capacitive touch versions as well as high brightness sunlight viewing options. There are also versions featuring

Discover market sectors for manufacturing

CT Production believes its relaxed approach to learning about products and industries is refreshingly different and invites visitors to its stand to chat about manufacturing requirements with its friendly team. Products on display will

provide an idea of capabilities and the different market sectors it works with, each with its own fascinating story about where it goes and what its function is, says the company. The company’s manufactures

The company is Nadcap-

accredited and operates at a rate that works well with the Nadcap process; both are enabled by well-managed procedures, says the company. The key is to absorb Nadcap (and the other quality frameworks) as being good for the business.

Visit Davis Scientific Treatments at

stand T85


PCBs to boxed units, prototype to volume and continually strives to offer the best electronics manufacturing services in the UK. Services are controlled to AS9100 and ISO 14001 standards. Over 25 quality checks are made on a typical box build assembly, with care applied throughout the process from quotation to delivery.

Visit CT Production at stand Q79

wide viewing O-Film technology. New for 2017, the company offers

“stretched” or “bar-type” TFT LCDs. The letterbox format displays offer high brightness LED backlights, wide operating temperature range and the latest IPS panel technology giving them wide viewing angles on all axis. These displays are suited to both the automotive and aerospace markets as well industrial equipment manufacturers. Also on show will be examples

of its thermal printer range, from simple printer mechanisms and their associated driver boards, to panel mount or embedded versions. All are designed to be integrated into OEM designs.

There will also be a selection of printers from the company’s mobile thermal printer range incorporating both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces. Visitors will be able to see and

handle 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0inch versions from simple low cost options for entry level printing requirements to IP54-certified versions designed for hostile or rugged applications.

Visit Craft Data at stand F122

Local manufacturing has global reach

Hampshire-based Corintech is a contract electronics manufacturer with offices in the UK and Hong Kong. On-shore and China-based manufacturing centres allow the company to satisfy the need for rapid, UK-based turnaround as well as lowest cost supply from Asia. Its global reach not only gives multi-faceted supply options but also gives the company access to advantageous component pricing. A full-service engineering team

at both sites means it can provide complete product design support, from electronic and mechanical design through to peer review of an existing design. Services include PCBA including surface mount and through-hole soldering, thick film hybrid design and manufacture, electro-mechanical assembly,

complete box build, component sourcing and stockholding, Kanban supply, electronic product design, PCB layout and engineering peer review. The company holds ISO 9001

and AS 9100 accreditations, continually invests in manufacturing technology, and offers customers a single point of contact throughout the process. Visitors can expect to see

examples of assemblies, discuss potential savings and the team’s expertise in design-for- manufacture for new product developments.

Visit Corintech at stand L55


Protect your investment, protect IP

Without sufficient protection in place for your intellectual property (IP), your investment in R&D and branding can end up benefiting your competitors more than it benefits you, warns Cleveland IP. To secure the strongest

possible protection for intellectual property, it is vital to employ the services of patent and trade mark attorneys who have the specific training and experience necessary to fully understand your inventions, your business, and your industry. Through a detailed analysis of

your products with a view to their patentability, its attorneys can pinpoint any novel features that may be patentable.

Visit Cleveland IP at stand P104

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