Franchise branches out from telecoms

Created in 1995 as a supplier to the telecoms industry, Broadband Technology 2000 (BT200) now offers a synergistic range of electronic system, boxes and components which are used in a diverse range of applications from miniature die, used in medical surgery, to major security systems. At the exhibition, the company will

promote recently launched products together with its range of antenna, PLC modules, industrial computer modules, GPS miniature modules, miniature batteries, digital filter ICS, supercapacitors and a range of mechanical connectors and cable harnesses.

Questions to consider for materials and mouldings

Its latest product releases are

Megachips’, display port, sensor fusion and PLC ICs, Cymbet’s HD Enerchip battery IC, InvenSese’s gyroscopes, acceleration compass and barometer ICs, Maestro/Falcom’s GNSS and tracker modules and flow, pressure and tilt sensors from Memsic.

Visit BT2000 Broadband Technology 2000 at

stand D109

Mobile automation module is next step

Now available with a mobile automation module, the Xpert 40 press brake is a compact solution for automated and manual bending, says Bystronic. In production, the form, size,

and number of parts that are to be bent varies. A central goal is to produce these parts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The technology behind the

Mobile Bending Cell is the Xpert 40, together with bending robotics, combining fast press brake and mobile automation. Users can process large series with the automatic bending mode, and also manually bend small series and individual parts whenever necessary. The compact Xpert 40 can be

Celebrating 60 years, Broanmain Plastics has expertise in processing all engineering thermoplastic polymers alongside the commodity materials from PP to PEEK. It provides cost-effective, plastic injection mouldings delivered from its recently expanded UK facility that runs 24 hours a day. It supplies thermosetting and thermoplastic mouldings using a variety of machines with capacities up to 250 tons. It also provides tool design, tool manufacturing, printing, assembly, packing and distribution. Have a new product idea? The company has helped develop

products from concept to full production. Thinking of changing from metal

to plastic? Looking to improve your supply chain? The company has experience in the former and will work hard to provide optimal stock. It provides a personal service, drawing from the expertise of a varied, long standing team.

Visit Broanmain Plastics at stand J61

Attracting visitors with magnets and magnetic solutions

With design and manufacturing European headquarters in Berkhamsted, Bunting Magnetics Europe specialises in providing magnet and magnetic assembly solutions. The UK manufacture of plastic bonded magnets, specialist and bespoke magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment, accompanies the supply of permanent magnets (e.g. neodymium

set up and operate in virtually any environment, and also quickly be moved to another location. The mobile automation solution seamlessly interfaces with the Xpert 40. Users can set up the robotics system in just a few minutes, says the company.

Visit Bystronic at stand J98

Consultancy is proficient for production

Specialists at ByteSnap Design can help shorten time-to-market, accelerating both hardware and software embedded systems projects. Visitors will see the new version of

the user interface (UI) development framework, SnapUI, now supporting Raspberry Pi, taking software to production. When designing new hardware

devices, keeping the UI design in step with hardware development can be difficult. SnapUI enables development of

the user interface independently of the hardware, on a reference hardware platform or Raspberry Pi, ready for deployment to the target device when the hardware is ready. It brings high performance to UI prototyping, with the emphasis on CPU embedded chipsets. The small, focused SnapUI

codebase and ease of integration

of new features makes adoption of the framework painless for software engineers, says the company, enabling them to extend built-in custom graphical objects easily. Changes to the UI can be implemented rapidly and simply by changing the XML description of the interface, significantly reducing the time required to deploy new versions of the UI or to change branding or multi-language translations compared to traditional UI development methods.

Visit ByteSnap Design at stand L80

iron boron and samarium cobalt). Engineers work closely with

customers to identify the best magnet solution. Expertise and technology such as 3D finite element analysis (FEA) analysis software, provide technical support. The company has applied

magnetic principles to solve common problems, including the magnetic sheet fanner and magnetic sweeper.

Get your hands on an AC/DC power source

Described as a breakthrough in AC/DC power source technology, Caltest Instruments gives customers the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the new Pacific Power AFX. It delivers 15kVA from just a 4U 19inch rack mount chassis. At 51kg it is the highest AC power density available today, says the company. The power source offers a single 300V AC or 425V DC range, operating on a constant power curve. This provides more current at low voltages and eliminates the traditional dual voltage ranges.


Bridmet Serving many industries including aerospace, medical, education, furniture, electronics, semiconductor, packaging and military, Bridmet is a sub- contract manufacturer of sheet metal components and larger fabrications up to six tonne in mild steel, stainless and aluminium. It has a 45,000ft2 factory and 70 full time engineers, and offers in-house services includes laser, punch, folding, fabrication, milling and turning, shot blasting, powder coating, wet spray and design. Visit stand number M56

The range provides simple solutions to prevent damage and injury, whilst also saving time and improving productivity. Magnetic separators are used

widely throughout the process industry to separate or recover magnetically susceptible metal from processing materials. The stand will be manned by experienced sales engineers.

Visit Bunting Magnetics Europe at

stand U74

Cables and connectors are custom

A Pacific Power Source UPC- compatibility mode allows legacy test software to control the AFX series via a LAN/LXI or USB interface. The series includes 9.0 to 60kVA systems and is available to order now.

Visit Caltest Instruments at stand J127

Quality checks for China production

Capabilities offered by China Outsourcing are machining, all types of casting, forging, stamping, fabrication and assemblies. The company provides low cost, low risk manufacturing. Prospective customers can

visit the site with UK quality and production engineer, Trevor Purdey, to discuss how the company operates, both in the UK and in China. The company hopes to save

25% on western supplier costs. Engineering and quality teams

Bespoke connectors and cabling are designed, manufactured and stocked by CIE-Group’s specialist connectivity division. As well as a significant UK stock holding of professional connector products from companies like Switchcraft and EDAC, it also offers a Custom Connectivity service and supply. Finding the exact standard

liaise with the customer and pass on information to the team in China who work with the supplier. Samples will be delivered

to drawings accompanied by documentation.

Visit China Outsourcing at stand H1

cable or connector from stock is not always easy and can often result in compromising your product or system design. This custom connectivity service allows exact requirements for cables or connectors to be specified, for example, cable length, connector type, pin number, colour, IP rating, price and branding.

Visit CIE-Group at stand J38


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