NEWS FRAMEWORK Modular firm wins place on framework

at Actavo Building Solutions, commented: “Modular building is the NHS’s construc- tion dream. It delivers sustainable, cost- effective buildings in tighter time frames which gives a high degree of certainty in meeting specific needs.” He continued: “As modular buildings are

Actavo Building Solutions, claimed to be “the UK’s fastest-growing modular building company” has been awarded a number of lots on the new four-year, £750m NHS modular building framework. The firm commented: “With NHS bed

availability at an all-time low, increasing facilities in a limited timeframe is essential.” The new framework has been set up by the NHS, solely for the supply of modular buildings, promoting “faster, cheaper and

greener building solutions,” said Actavo. The new framework has been split into

11 lots. Actavo, along with the other suc- cessful contractors, will act as the principal contractor and will provide a wide range of services – from full architectural design for the initial concept, to services, site works and completion of bespoke modular build- ings, modular healthcare units and modular education units. Matthew Goff, director of UK operations

manufactured in controlled factory environ- ments and assembled onsite, it means that, in many cases, ward blocks, A&E depart- ments, theatres and clean rooms can be designed, built and delivered in a matter of weeks, reducing the pressure on bed avail- ability and the need for short-term hire.” The firm has been working with the NHS for the past four years. During the tender process, Actavo

Building Solutions completed a comprehen- sive, pre-qualification submission involving quality and pricing returns with proposals for a standalone modular office, a GP surgery, an operating theatre, a single and double classroom block and a full school facility.

Carbon reductions see £300m in NHS savings

A million tonnes less carbon and £300m in savings have been generated by hospitals that have adopted energy efficiency meas- ures, according to a green energy firm. Vital Energi, which installs and

manages energy solutions to 14 hospitals and seven NHS Trusts and Health, reported the significant milestone to mark NHS Sustainability Day (23 March). Project development director Ashley

Main said the savings could help fund frontline services, adding: “The fact that just 14 hospitals can generate over £300m in savings and one million tonnes of carbon reduction is a great indicator of how much potential there is in the NHS, with regards to revolutionising the way it generates and uses its energy.” The company has worked on the proj-

ects for the NHS for the last three years, delivering various energy conservation

measures and energy generating solutions such as combined heat and power or biomass systems. The projects, procured through the

Carbon and Energy Fund, require the energy firm to guarantee minimum finan- cial savings and carbon reductions for the duration of the contracts, which range from 15 to 25 years. One of the first hospitals to take advan-

tage of the scheme was the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where a 1.2 MW combined heat and power engine was installed along with lighting upgrades and other maintenance services. This was followed up with similar projects at the Trust’s Bridlington and Scarborough hos-

pitals, with 87,000 tonnes of CO2 reduc- tions expected over the 15-year contract. Under a similar contract, the

Cheltenham General Hospital expects its

carbon emissions to be cut by 40 per cent (equalling 40,000 tonnes) over the course of the 18-year agreement with the energy company.



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