Major expansion underway in Vestfold, Norway

Construction has begun on the expansion of a hospital in Vestfold, Norway, following a contract being signed by Skanska (together with Cura-gruppen) and public health trust Sykehuset Vestfold HF, worth NOK1.7bn (£160m).

The project includes a new psychiatry building with a gross floor area of about 12,000 m2

a building for ‘somatic’ care of 33,000 m2

The project also includes alignment

of the infrastructure, energy facilities, and demolition of existing hospital buildings. The contract is based on the IPD

model (Integrated Project Delivery), where the parties will “cooperate in the implementation phase with common incentives,” including sub- contractors. Skanska has gathered expertise from Norway, Sweden, UK and USA to work on the project. Skanska’s share of the contract is worth about NOK 960m, (£90m), and the work will be divided between Skanska Norway and Skanska UK at a ratio of 70:30. The additions comprise a psychiatry

building scheduled to be completed in March 2019 and a building for ‘somatic’ care (nervous disorders) during the first quarter of 2021.


NCC to build Finspång Medical Centre

Swedish developer NCC has been commissioned to design and build the Finspång Medical Centre in south eastern Sweden to replace outdated healthcare facilities, in a contract estimated at approx- imately SEK500m (£45m). The project, which is being developed

with the region of Östergötland, will com- prise about 17,000 m2

across five floors

including space for a doctor’s office, a labo- ratory, child health centre, midwifery clinic, child and youth health centre, specialist nurse-led clinic, residential rehabilitation, investigation service, and a home care and local care department. The building will be environmentally certified according to Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) Silver. Stefan Fredriksson, property develop-

ment manager at Region Östergötland commented: “We need to adapt our opera- tions to tomorrow’s healthcare, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding. The new building will not only

replace old and dilapidated premises but also promote the development of the region’s and the Municipality of Finspång’s healthcare operations.” The project will take the form of a part-

nering contract – a “structured cooperative format” including NCC and Region Östergötland jointly drawing up system documents, project budget and detailed design plans. Henrik Landelius, Sweden head at NCC

Building commented on the partnering aspect: “It’s good to become involved as early as possible in a project of this nature. It benefits all parties concerned and enables our competence and experience to be utilised in the best possible manner. Such an arrangement means that expertise in the design and function of tomorrow’s health- care facilities can be effectively leveraged.” The project recently commenced with “a short period of project engineering and budgeting work.” The new centre is expected to be opened in autumn 2020.



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