Kemperol cures roof ailments at Poole Hospital

refurbish the roof of Poole Hospital’s outpatient department, ensuring that the project avoided any odours that could become a nuisance to staff and patients in the unit or the surrounding wards. The cold-applied liquid membrane was installed by contractor, Hi Tec Roof Systems, overlaying the existing single ply membrane on the 480m2

K roof. Despite regular repairs to the existing roof,

the single ply membrane had failed due to a number of factors, including the loosening of mechanical fixings, damage caused by seagulls and holes in the membrane caused by cigarette butts discarded from above. The Kemperol 2K-PUR membrane was

selected for the scheme to ensure minimum disruption at the hospital as it is completely odourless throughout the installation process, required no strip out of the existing roof

substrate, no hot works and no wait time between applications of resin. Explains Steve Mulcock from Hi Tec

Roof Systems: “The outpatient department at Poole Hospital is based around a central courtyard and surrounded on three sides by seven storeys containing wards. It was vital, therefore, that we used a system that would minimise disruption while providing a durable solution. The cold-applied liquid

Lifting quality of complex needs care

Catalyst Choices, a social enterprise company, has extended and refurbished its Woodleigh residential care home to provide bespoke short breaks and residential care for people with learning difficulties. A key element of the new facility is a fully accessible bathroom – complete with a Clos-o-Mat Lima Lift height

adjustable wash/dry toilet. Clos-o-Mat wash/dry toilets have in-built douching and drying, so there is no need to wipe clean – or be wiped clean- after toileting; the whole process is automatic, and triggered simply by remaining seated and triggering the flush process.

0161 969 1199

emper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free and odourless water- proofing membrane has been used to

system also helped to ensure we could handle the awkward shapes and details of the roof’s quadrangle layout.” Hi Tec Roof Systems cleaned and prepared

the roof, applying a fungicidal wash to completely remove any contaminants before applying a Kempertec primer. The Kemperol 2K-PUR resin was then applied in a single wet-on-wet process in which the resin is first applied to the substrate; reinforcement fleece is then laid directly on to the wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top. This ensures complete saturation of the reinforcement fleece. Once cured the resin forms a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and bonds directly to the substrate. Finally, a non-slip maintenance walkway

was created on the completed membrane using tiles fabricated from recycles tyres.

Radiators for safety critical environments

Stelrad’s range of Low Surface Temperature radiators are the UK’s favourite range of LSTs offering a huge variety of sizes, availability across the sizes from stock and a quality of product that is unmatched. They all meet the NHS Guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished with antibacterial paint as standard. They can be found up and down the country in hospitals, doctors and

dentists surgeries as well as in nursing and care homes, nurseries, schools and colleges, and sheltered housing developments.

0870 849 8056 New anti-ligature radiator guard offers extra practicality and safety

A new anti-ligature radiator guard that allows easy internal access while overcoming the safety issues raised by installation on uneven walls, has just been launched by Contour, a leading anti-ligature radiators and guards manufacturer. The DeepClean Extra IP3x anti-ligature radiator guard has been specifically developed for the needs of mental health service providers, and delivers both extra practicality and safety. Gaps between a radiator guard and wall can provide potential ligature fixture points. Traditionally these are filled using an anti-pick mastic however this can stop access to inside the guards for cleaning, unless the mastic is cut way. By using an extra frame that sits between the wall and guard door, the DeepClean Extra’s door can be unlocked and opened easily. Gaps between the guard frame and a wall can still be eliminated with anti-pick mastic, but without impeding operation of the door. The DeepClean Extra comes as standard with a grille design using 2mm holes punched directly into the guard case. The grille is compliant with the requirements set out in a Home Office design guide, making it ideal for both secure mental health and custodial facilities.

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