Dancing Dessie T

he Irish version of this show has really captured the nation’s hearts. Dancing Dessie, aka Sports Presenter Des Cahill, had us in floods of tears last Sunday when he danced the waltz with his partner Karen

Byrne. Des got a surprise visit from Dubliner John Sheehan earlier in the week. The music legend popped by rehearsals to play the duo the Marino Waltz while they practiced their waltz. Des was clearly moved by his part- ner Karen’s planned surprise and even brought the tears to the dance floor after his performance. Chatting to Nicky Byrne after the performance Des said that his tears were “smiles”. No, you were crying Des!

What’s Trending?

My Waterford keeps us up-to-date with What’s Trending this month...

Penney’s Sportswear

to the evenings? People are out pounding the roads, sports clubs are thriving and gym memberships are through the roof. If sports’ activities are at a peak, so is sports’ fashion and what better place to pick up a bargain than Penney’s. SO much choice, SO many pretty colours and SO many bargains!



he revival of a key 1970’s fashion piece, that patterned sleeveless

sweater your grandpa once had, is back in vogue, tapping into the ugly-beautiful trend and treading a delicate line between good and bad taste. Now I have one somewhere...

m I right in saying Waterford has gone fitness mad now that there is a grand stretch

Coconut Oil - again!

Coconut oil is back in flavour again and has a fountain of uses. It can be used on or in your body. Throw it on your hair and skin for a moisture treatment, use it as mouthwash and watch your teeth whiten, use it in cooking as an alternative to cooking oil or butter. It also makes feet unbelievably soft when used as an overnight treatment. Just spread all over your feet and pop on some socks and wait till morning! You will be surprised. Coco- nut oil has proven therapeutic effects on brain disorders, like epilepsy and Alzheimers. It also has powerful effects on your metabolism. And it tastes yummy!

Lismore Castle

of the most spectacular castle settings in the country?


Well now you can... for one day only. Lismore Castle is opening its doors to serve cream tea on ‘Devon-

shire Day’, Sunday, March 19. Guests will take tea in the Pugin Room with the Duke of Devonshire’s butler, Denis Nevin (right), before enjoying a guided tour of the gar- dens. Tickets are limited and are priced at €25pp. For further en- quiries and bookings contact 058-53803 or 058-54975 or see lismoreimmrama.


ancy taking Devonshire cream tea in one


t’s finally opening - the entire length of the Waterford Greenway, from Waterford to Dungarvan, is to be officially opened on March 25th. Complete with seating, full signage and heritage information

Deise Greenway opening

stations along its route, this is the fruits of all the hard work put in to make this greenway a reality. And what’s more, the last passenger train on the line finished on

the 25th of March 1967....exactly fifty years to the very day the new will replace the old, the old railway line will have a new lease of life for the hundreds of thousands that will use it. I had a sneak preview with my 5-year-old daughter on our bikes and we loved it!! Well done to all involved in this amazing facility.

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