HOUSE & HOME - SPRING TIME n your home

ow is the time to think about time....

exterior service. They can get your carpets and sofas looking like new just in time for spring. Mobiclean also have the equipment to get to those

hard to reach areas. A former hurler for Ferrybank Leslie knows how to reach those heights that domestic ladders can’t reach! The outside area of your home will always benefit

from a lick of paint. Getting the entire exterior of the house painted seems like a mammoth task but in fact it can be done quickly and cheaply - check out our services and gallery at the back of the magazine for useful contacts.

This is also the time of year to get the garden

furniture out of storage and give it a dust down. If you have any railings or metal garden furniture that could do with a facelift, don’t splash out on new furniture simply have the old ones restored by SP heat transfer. They can shotblast gates back to bare steel or galvanise and repaint them if needed.

If you fancy upgrading your garden in anticipation

of long, hot summer evenings, contact Pigott Building and Carpentry, Tramore, who can undertake any job, big or small, including timber decks and patio areas. They are also experts in extension and attic conversions if you wish to overhaul you home. Don’t forget while you’re cleaning and sprucing

up your home to declutter as you go along. A clear, uncluttered room can lighten your spirits and ease the dusting also! Friends of the Earth at the Six Cross Roads Roundabout can deliver a skip, big or small, to your home in a matter of hours. Contact them today. So don’t be daunted by these necessary household

chores as the experts in Waterford city and county are on hand to give advice. Remember it will all be worth

it in the long run. Over the next few pages, we have more house and home advice and tips for you, including how to bring your home bang up to trend for 2017.

Spring cleaning basics....

WIPE WALLS AND CEILINGS: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Tackle stubborn surface grime, especially in kitchens, with a degreaser (test it first in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t mark the surface).

RESEAL GROUT LINES: The ce- ment-based material between wall, floor, and countertop tiles is extremely porous and stains easily. Protect it with a penetrating grout sealer; it’s best to apply it with a small foam brush.

DUST BOOKS AND SHELVES: Take everything off the shelves, and brush shelves and books with a feather dust- er. Use the dust-brush or crevice tool on a vacuum to reach into tight spots. Wipe the spines of leather-bound books with a clean, soft cloth.

CLEAN UPHOLSTERED FURNISHINGS: Take cushions outside and gently beat them by hand to remove dust. If there are stains, check the pieces for care labels. Use a vacuum’s crevice tools to clean under seat cushions.

DUST YOUR HOME THOROUGHLY: This includes hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling lights and window frames. Always work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor. Avoid using dusting sprays.

ENSURE FIRE SAFETY: Change batteries in smoke detectors (this should be done twice a year), and make sure units are free of dust. Teach everyone in your household how to use a fire extinguisher, and review escape plans.

CLEAN CURTAINS AND BLINDS: Many curtains are machine washable; check labels. Dry-clean fabric shades. Wipe wooden blinds with a damp cloth; warm water mixed with a mild dish- washing liquid is safe for metal and vinyl blinds.

WAX NON-WOOD FLOORS: Vinyl and linoleum floors that have lost their shine should be waxed with a polish designed for these surfaces.

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