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appeared to have trucking or mechanical-related businesses. “It was a classic example of being in the right place at the right time,” he said. “I just happened to send a resume to the sales office of a company called Delaval Enterprise; they forwarded it to their main office in Oakland, California.” Kuentz eventually accepted a job with Delaval’s Engine and Compressor Division as a Customer Service Rep, working on large engines (18-inch bore and 21-inch stroke) used for ships and municipal power plants.

Fully-Commit to the ELD Implementation Process

If you’re serious about launching a suc-

During his four years with Delaval, Kuentz traveled constantly. He went to Pearl Harbor and Trinidad to repair engines on ships/oil tankers belonging to the Military Sealift Command; to Alaska where he worked on the engines that supplied power to the camps for workers building the Alaska pipeline; and to

a fleet that’s safer and more efficient than it ever was before. And, it all starts with a commitment to

cessful ELD implementation, your organi- zation must demonstrate a commitment to safety — top, down, and across the board. It will require an investment of time on the front-end and there will be a learning curve that will slow you down temporarily. Expect that. However, if you do it well, you’ll operate

it’s valuable insight, at that. Brown is an active voice in the transpor-

tation technology field, serving on several advisory boards and action committees for industry suppliers. Furthermore, Maverick’s IT team was recognized by Computer World with the 2012 Best in Business Intelligence Editor’s Choice Award. In short, he knows what he’s talking about.

communicating effectively across your entire team — even before the logging solution has been selected. At Maverick, there was complete

transparency across the entire organization, including the drivers. “Every bit of pain that we felt or we felt they would feel, that was communicated across the board,” says Brown. It’s a little different now that the ELD

mandate is now realized — implementa- tion is no longer a choice — but that doesn’t change the importance of commu- nication. Brown will tell you, “You’ve got to com-

municate to your guys and train them for a lot of reasons, including retention and opti- mization. We had that commitment.”

power plants in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska and Michigan.

Choose Technology that Offers Real-Time Insight

cab technology that would support elec- tronic logs — they just had to turn on the

Jonathan in Pearl Harbor working on engine repairs for a 25,000 DWT Military Sealift Command oil tanker

In Maverick’s case, they already had in- Kuentz had a life-changing experience

during a stint working at the Anaconda Copper Mine in Arizona. “One of the workers there asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date; that’s how I met my wife, Diana. It was supposed to be a one- night fling, but it has lasted 40 years,” he said.

software. But for carriers that are starting from a clean slate, Brown offers this sage advice: “I highly recommend that you select a

Saudi Arabia overseeing the construction of three power plants on the Red Sea coast, writing to Diana the entire time. The customer wanted him to stay another six months, but Kuentz said he really wasn’t interested. “I wasn’t even married, but I told them the only way I would come back was if I brought my wife back with me. I figured they would say no way due to the difficulties for women to obtain a Saudi visa.” But to his surprise, the company agreed. But he still needed to get married. “I flew to Tucson and proposed to Diana

Invest in ELD Training Ask Brown and he’ll tell you that train-

ing is absolutely critical to a successful ELD rollout.

vendor that has a real-time connected solu- tion. There will be a lot of truckstop ELD- type solutions that meet the minimum requirements of the regulation, but they really won’t provide companies with the data they need to manage and utilize their equipment in a more efficient and knowl- edgeable way than they do today.” Brown goes on to recommend an ELD

Kuentz then spent six months in

vendor that offers, at a minimum, sophisti- cated cloud services with portals or web services and APIs to integrate with your existing technologies. That way, you’ll be able to use every bit of data available in real time to gain maximum efficiencies.

Unmatched customer support and industry knowledge are the cornerstones of our business as well as

our dedication to our customers. We service all industries but focus heavily on the Commercial On-Road market and support the entire Mid Atlantic Region. We support the over the road trucking industry with customized solutions from performance driven lubricants and oil analysis to ultra clean Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We have the products and services you will need to take your fleet to the next level!

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