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Even after you’ve addressed front-end issues like the ones noted above, companies need to be prepared for operational challenges that will arise. Here are a few examples of what we have seen:

• Drivers need to make sure they log into the system before conducting a pre-trip inspection because they are on-duty. This means a driver needs to physically enter the truck, start up the system, log in, and start recording his day before ever beginning his walk-around the vehicle.

 Gary Rudy and Louis Campion

• If a driver is taking his 10 hour off-duty rest break, he cannot log in early and begin moving the vehicle on the road. We have had incidents where a driver arrives 10 minutes early for a shift and

makes the honest mistake of starting his day a few minutes before his 10 hour break is complete. Once that happens and he’s out of our yard, it creates a problem. Some drivers have lost a workday as a result.

• What happens when a driver get stuck in traffic due to circumstances out of his control (e.g. weather, congestion, an accident) and is only 15 minutes away from home when his time expires? It’s difficult to expect a driver to sleep in a truck for 10 hours when he is only 15 minutes away from a night in his bed. We try to limit our driving shifts to 9 hours so that drivers have a buffer period to overcome these obstacles.

• Remember, the ELD records everything as it happens. Gone are the days when a driver could

 Kathy Norris and Armand Patella

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“correct” small discrepancies in his logs. Every time the truck moves, that movement is recorded. Movements during a driver’s 30 minute break, or during his off-duty or sleeper berth time will create violations of the HOS regulations and frustration for you and your driver until you adjust to the “brave new world.”

Mandatory ELDs are on the way. Nothing is going to change that. Don’t stick your head in the sand and wait until 2017 to start exploring them and taking the steps you need to ensure a smooth transition for your company. The time to act is now.

 Howard Levine and Selena Griffin Dennis Morgan MMTA Chairman


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