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28 • November 2016 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. 5 Reasons to Be Thankful for a Healthy Mouth! By Dr. Yolanda Mangrum, DDS •

Petaluma, CA. ~ With the Thanks- giving Holiday right around the corner, we often refl ect on what we have to be thankful for. A heathy mouth and teeth rarely make that list! Your oral health my not be the fi rst on the list, but they should not be overlooked. With proper hygiene, your teeth provide you with important life functions! 1. Increases Over- all Health! When you have a healthy mouth and teeth, it means the rest of your body can enjoying good health too. With regular brushing and fl ossing, you can greatly re- duce the amount of bacteria that enter the body which can fi ght off

heart disease, diabetes, and much more! 2. Good Breath! Bad breath is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. When teeth and gums are kept clean and healthy, breath smells better. Therefore, you can thank your teeth for feeling confi dent every time you open your mouth this holiday season! 3. Prevents Pain! When you have mul- tiple cavities and other

mouth problems, you will probably be dealing with a great amount of pain that prevents you from chew- ing properly. This discomfort also keeps you from sleeping or enjoy- ing life. Having a healthy mouth

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Mouse in the concert poster de- sign niche. Look for Stella and her band mates at Redwood Cafe on November 3 and then again, at that same venue on December 13 during the Art Reception. Be sure to check out French Oak Gypsy Band at the Peace & Justice Center’s stage at the Winterblast festivities in Santa Rosa on November 19. T e band will also be playing

Upbeat November

“Modern Times,” are indubitably great American treasures. Dylan has been on the roster of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1988. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. Maybe many more will be in-

202 West 7th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 707-545-7528

28 • November 2016 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

spired to value poetry in America. T e emphasis in schools today seems to have driſt ed to anxious- ly compete to push STEM (sci- ence, technology, engineering and math) up front and center to the detriment of the students who have talents in languages, art, mu- sic, plus the patience to read novels and more. T e editor of an excel-

on December 30 at the Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol. Stargaze at for a full calendar of shows and other cool insights. Heath says of her musical style, “I have a sort of old-fashioned way about me, and I always have. But, I also want

to bring music forward. I

want to make it modern and lively and accessible to modern youth.” Words of Wisdom from Stella.

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lent, small publication, “Poetry,” the poet Christian Wiman wrote: “…In the end, we go to poetry for one reason, so we might more fully inhabit our lives and the world in which we live them.

If we more

fully inhabit these things, we might be less apt to destroy both.” Consider giving someone you love a book of poems this holiday. Searching for something special to share on T anksgiving with fam- ily and friends, you might want to glance at some popular recipes of what Canadians prepare on their October 2nd holiday. Every prov- ... continued on page 31

allows you to focus on things other than pain. 4. Appearance! Studies show that people fi nd others more attrac- tive and approachable when they are smiling. When your teeth look good, you feel good about yourself. Because we take good care of our teeth, we aren’t afraid to fl ash our pearly whites! So, in a sense, we can thank our teeth for making us all more attractive individuals. 5. Saves You Money! Dental problems can be very expensive, especially when they are severe. Taking preventative measures to maintain a healthy mouth will save you money. Since regular dental checkups are usually covered by insurance, and they help prevent problems from developing, you can use the extra cash on some- thing fun.

other way, no day but today.”

Jonathan Larso

“Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. No other path, no

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“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.” ~ Amelia Earhart

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