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Holiday GUIDE #1

November 9, 2016 Through January 8, 2017.

Breathtaking “Scenes From Sonoma County”

What If The Music You Experience Could Change Your World? Coast Live Oak by Henry White

Petaluma, CA. ~ Riverfront Art Gallery’s end of year show features breathtaking “Scenes from So- noma County” by oil painter Henry White. Photographer, Michael Ri- ley shows “Landscapes and Refl ec- tions” of awe. Show opening and Art Walk reception on Saturday, November 12 from 5-9 PM with musical interludes of mellow jazz by Bob Johns on keyboard. Enjoy Sonoma County wines and tempt- ing edibles. Meet these two fea- tured artists, and other incredible artisans of many mediums. Gallery open Wednesday, Thurs-

day & Sunday from 11am - 6pm, and Friday & Saturday 11am - 8pm Voted “Best of the North Bay” by readers of the Bohemian 2008-2013. Voted “Petaluma’s People Choice” for 2016! Riverfront Art Gallery. 132 Petaluma Boulevard North Pet- aluma, CA 94952 ~ 707-775-4278.

“Life is funny, when you are

young you want to be older and those that are older wish

to be younger.” Karon Waddell

“Every new travel brings new transformation.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • November 2016 • 19

Sonoma County, CA. ~ “Accen- tuate the Positive” … as the song goes, and “Watch What Happens! Songwriters Narayan & Janet cre- ate every song they write to uplift others and have a positive impact …and it really works! After moving from Seattle to Sonoma County 3 years ago, the duo recently re- leased their 4th CD of upbeat originals enti- tled We Are All Connected fea- turing Narayan on trumpet, Janet on keyboards and the duos exquisite vocal harmo- nies. To describe an evening with Narayan & Janet think…”Happy” by Pharrel and the Beatles All You

Need Is Love. A delicious blend of jazz, Motown and pop/rock music. The cover art for the record fea- tures a gorgeous hand-painted mandala by London artist ROSELLA en- titled Awakening and like the cover art, these original songs awaken and inspire us to have a happier life experience.

Sample Music Here:

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • November 2016 • 19

Funky Fridays ... continued from page 18

pass, $10 without. “Between the fi rst concert and the last, our park- ing attendants noticed a signifi cant increase in people using their parks passes,” Kelley said. Planning is underway for the return of the se- ries to Hood Mansion in summer 2017. For updates visit sonoma- or

December 11, 2016

How Poetry and Prose Practices Nurture Each Other

Santa QR Code direct Music Link Or u-Tube Video Here: Rosa, CA. ~ Redwood

Writers Present Rebecca Foust: How Poetry and Prose Practices Nurture Each Other Date: 2:30 PM - 4:30PM, Flamingo Hotel, Santa Rosa. $10. Genre is a fi ction! For more information about Red- wood Writers or this event, go to

JOKES & Humor # 5

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful young fairy princess who dreamed of being a ballet dancer. Then one day, she read an ad in her email that an- nounced the Royal Ballet’s next auditions in a nearby town. So on the right day, the fairy princess geared up one hundred white pigeons to her chariot, and off they fl ew to the theater. After witnessing her outrageous entrance, the director immedi- ately told her to go back home. “But why?” wept the broken- hearted shell of the would-be- ballerina.

“Because,” came the heartless reply, “I’ve got enough pigeon- towed dancers in the company already.”

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