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Come on guys, it's June. Don't let exams stifle your lust for life. Balance your quadratic equations and French conjugations with a healthy dose of live music from this month's list of A-star performers.

Let's start with some rappers' delight. Hip-hop legends Te Sugarhill Gang and Te Furious Fiveare at Te Waterfronton the 1st of this month. Come on, Wonder Mike, do what you like.

Head to the Waterfront Studio on the 3rdwhere local band Mammal Not Fish launch their debut EP.

Seventies punk band 999 are still going strong forty years later, and coming to Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 4th.Don't expect any Beatles covers at that one. Not even Help.

Gloucestershire based singer songwriter Hattie Briggsmakes a welcome return to Te Bicycle Shop on the 8th. It will be a long ride home, but not many hills at this end.

It’s time for another Odd Box night at Te Murderers on the 10th, this time featuring some sweet toooons courtesy of Guranfoe, Te Fools Moon, Strommand Broads.And it’s FREE!

Anyone off to Symmetry Festivalat Guist on the 10th-12th?Expect a weekend of musical adventure and unexpected pleasures, including Goldie Lookin Chain.Put all your

34 / June 2016/

rubbish in the bin. Guns don't kill people. Wrappers do.

I got so excited aboutNelly coming to the LCRon 11th and 15th that I took off all my clothes a month too early. Sorry if you did too.

Luke Concannon(he of Nizlopi) will be at Te Bicycle Shopon the 12th.He likes to move about a bit during his set, so that should be interesting. He may (or may not) sing Te JCB Song.

Californian punks Luicidal storm Te Owl Sanctuary on the 14th. It will be a loud one. Alternatively, catch some Congolese rhythms straight out of Kinshasa at NACwith Mbongwana Star. America and Africa, both in Norwich tonight. You choose.

Joe Quinnand My Dream Pagodaprovide the perfect accompaniment to some ale consumption at Te Plastererson Sunday 16th. Always a great way to round off a weekend.

Local bandTieving Icons launch their new EP Religion Sucksat the Waterfront Studioon the 17th. It's OK. Tat one's not on a Sunday.

I'm torn on the 18th

betweenJake Morrellat the NACand St Pauland the Broken Bones atTe Waterfront. Jake hails from Kings Lynn, so it's a straight choice between supporting our local boy or catching the six-piece soul band from Alabama. Genuinely a tough one.

It's the Summer Solstice on the 20th, so don your druid robes and head for the coast. Choose your own music as the sun rises majestically over the North Sea. Ten back home for a fry-up.

Te wonderfully-sounding Slambovian Circus of Dreamshail from Sleepy Hollow in New York and play a form of folk-rock that has been described as Hillbilly Pink Floyd. Tey play the Waterfront Studio on the 21st. Te Dark Side of the Spitoon?

Good luck to those of you off to Glastonburyon the 22nd.For those remaining in Norwich the great music continues without you.

Head to Te Birdcageon the 22nd to hear last month's Audioline featured artist Luke Peter Foster perform, along with Jack Wyldeand Te Shadow Committee. Sweet.

Dream popsters Mercury Revare at NACon the 24th playing tracks from new album Te Light In You. Have your lighters and little bells ready.

Te intriguingly named Avec Sansare an electro- pop duo from London (a collison of Chvurches and Oh Wonder). With or without you, I shall be at the

Waterfront Studiofor that one on the 25th.However, if you prefer it loud you might want to check out Pow3r F3st, an all-day metal festival at the B2. Nine bands for a tenner, including Ballsdeepand Shrapnel.

Don't forget the No Parlez man himself, Paul Young, is at Te Waterfronton the 26th. Just make sure he takes his hat home with him this time.

Don't miss BRAIDSat NAC on the 27th. All the way from Canada this Montreal three-piece are the second act to headline the Art Centre's new Hark! nights (meaning new and happening). Miss out and kick yourselves later. Hard.

I think it's back to Te Birdcageon the 29th,where History & Lore, Hot Raisin and Ben Denny Moare all lined up to entertain. Preceded by fish and chips from Te Grosvenor, I can't think of a better way to start the new week.

A welcome return to Wooden ArmsatNACon the 30thto round off the month with new material, and Milly Hirstand Phoebe Robinsonsupporting. Lovely.

So good luck with all the exams. And remember, whenever you divide sin by cos, you always get a tan. See you with the Factor 30 in July.

David Auckland

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