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VINTAGE TROUBLE There’s something delicious about proper soul and rhythm n blues

isn’t there? Genuine, heartfelt, groovy, powerful…it hits all the right spots in a human being’s body. Vintage Trouble, hailing from California, bring the essence of the late 50’s to 60’s to packed, crazed- with-love audiences across the world and they’re hitting Norwich up later this month. I spoke to lead singer and troublemaker deluxe Ty Taylor about his involvement in the HBO TV series Vinyl, their latest album, stagediving and the irrepressible nature of rock n roll.

You’d all been making music with other people before Vintage Trouble – how did it feel when you all found each other and started to play? Tere was an unleashing that happened the first time we played together - something felt more primitive than other combinations of energies. Also there was a beautiful friction between soul and rock and roll. I think that's what led to fire, the friction. Tat's what felt different. It's given me a whole new appreciation and understand on yin yang. You played your first live show just two weeks after getting together – how did that show go, can you remember? When I see videos from that first night it makes me feel proud of how we let ourselves be out of our heads and be lead by our music and soul connection. I remember it well. It flew by. We didn't have enough of the moment so we then packed up our stuff and went and played at an afterhours club until dawn. We went from Harvelle's to Te Stronghold.

“Working with Scorsese was wing- expanding”

You toured Europe before touring the States – how come? We toured LA first and foremost. While we were recording our first record we watched a documentary on Staxx Records and how they brought their artists to London to explode, so we chased that dream in their footsteps. You’ve supported Te Who and AC/DC. What did their audiences make of you? We have had the honour of having the masses that have pooled together to see other artists give into us most times within the first song. We are demanding of folks! As soon as they feel we mean business they step into the party. I don't care why, I’m just thrilled that it keeps happening! What’s your song writing technique as a band? I (and we) just try to stay as open

as possible and realize that inspirations come from everywhere and one has to be open enough to receive them with clarity. Songs start everywhere from beats, to riffs, to one liners. I personally find myself writing best starting from grand ideas or song pictures and then putting the pencil behind my ear sitting a piano, with an acoustic guitar or my trombone playing bass lines. Once the basis is there, flushing it out with other instruments and sounds is where the record and performance magic really takes over and to heights. Ty, I know you’ve recently worked on the HBO show Vinyl,

a favourite of mine. You did Cha Cha Twist and also Te World Is Yours - I’m a bit obsessed with that particular track! Can you tell me about how you came to be used on the show? It was a dream come true. Marty (Martin Scorsese) is a huge soul and blues fan. He called me and asked me to be a part of it because he thought I was a torchbearer for the crooners of old. I have always been a fan of how he uses music in his film work, so to be a part of that soundtrack and show has admittedly puffed my chest out. It's definitely put me in a place of feeling validated by one of the people I respect most in the entertainment industry. Recording with Martin Scorsese in a studio on the other side of the glass could have lead to intimidation but instead it was wing-expanding. Rock n roll and R’n’B are still popular today; what is it about those genres that have made them timeless? Good soul and deep rock and roll have no trends involved. Tey’re timeless art forms and both connect to the core of beings. Your latest album 1 Hopeful Rd came out last year and has an incredible punchy energy to it. What music in particular inspired you when putting these songs together, what were you listening to? A lot of old school rhythm and blues and soul, lots of 70's rock and roll and then tons of Amy Winehouse. You just played at the James Brown Family Birthday Bash; how was it? Te brightest honour. Ty , you’re known for your stagediving antics. What’s your recommended technique for a beginner? Relax and keep your eyes open. What’s your plan for the rest of the year? Tour the world and record as much as possible. Love more. Listen more. Feel more. Get into trouble.

Lizz Page

INFORMATION Vintage Trouble play at the Waterfront on 23rd June. Tickets available from / June 2016 / 33

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