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29th-31st July, Mildenhall, Suffolk

Mildenhall for three days of tripped out, crunked up soundz. Massive players on the scene like Pharoahe Monch, Task Force,


Boom Bap photos taken by Anis Ali

We’ve got a pair of weekend camping tickets to be won for Boom Bap 2016 over at Get on it Norwich! No diggety.

I’m not sure when the Norwich Lanes became An Official Ting, but by Christ is it easier to refer to them as ‘Te Lanes’ rather than ‘that nice bit of Norwich with loads of old buildings and independent shops and that.’ Whenever I bore the tits off visitors to the fine city, I always implore them to make sure they spend time there ‘because that’s the real Norwich, you know, it doesn’t have the big chains, but it does have Britain’s oldest

head shop, and really nice pubs, and benches everywhere. Ooh, and Torns.’

I am the world’s most inept DIYer, and yet I have a soft spot for Torns DIY that’s a mile wide. For some reason, that rabbit warren of cleaning products, paint, garden tools and string has an utterly hypnotic fascination for me. Something about it makes me feel like I’ve taken a brief detour into the 1950’s.

Right, yeah, sorry, Te Lanes. I just sodding love them. To me, they are the real bit of Norwich, the bit that

couldn’t exist anywhere else, and not just exist, but feel genuinely thriving. An odd, mismatched ragbag collective of independent, unusual and sometimes downright weird (you know who you are) places to wander about. Where else would you find a place called St Gregory’s Back Alley (I still snigger over that one), that leads to a redundant church full of vintage clothing, antiques, oh yeah, and one of the best examples of 14th Century wall paintings in East Anglia? Tat kind of oddness is around pretty much every corner, and you never

quite know what you’re going to stumble upon next, but it will be fun finding it. Perhaps because Te Lanes aren’t full of identikit clone chain stores, but businesses that are owned by people who actually give a fap about what they’re doing, there’s something quite artlessly eccentric about the whole area that feels unforced. A bit like a lovely mad old woman with wonky lipstick sitting in a pub on her own, it shouldn’t work, but it does.


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Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Elf Kid, Kenny Ken and RA the Rugged Man will be putting the aural smackdown on yo’ asses alongside loads more brilliant rap acts.

It’s a chilled, intimate vibe at Boom Bap, and you can check out the graffiti and enjoy some good eats from stonebaked pizza to fried naughty but nice treats. Tere are four stages so you’ll be busy

trying not to miss a thing all weekend. It’s not just hip hop – jungle, grime, drum n bass and ragga also get a look in.

Find out more about the festival at

Yes yes, the UK’s only dedicated hip hop festival returns for another year to

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