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With bank holidays at each end, and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in between, it is no wonder that May is my favourite month of the year. A period of fertility and germinating crops, this is the time for maypoles, morris dancing and more music than you can shake a wicker man at. Enjoy.

Start at Gonzo'son the 1st with a flock of local acoustic talent that includes George Wilson, Te Broken Maps, My Dream Pagoda, Ewan Mazzei,and Tristan McKelvey.Mellow and melodic.

Te Bluetones play Te Waterfronton the 2nd whilst Te Aggrolites rock out at Te Owl Sanctuary. Hounslow Britpop or Californian dirty reggae? Tat's your Bank Holiday dilemma. Perhaps.

Essex Rat BoyJordan Cardy (NME Best New Artist 2016) makes a highly anticipated return to Te Waterfronton the 4th. Turn your cap through 180 for that one, or head back to Te Owl Sanctuary for some hardcore Canadian punk from SNFU.And no, it's not bloody Star Wars Day.

Feeling adventurous? Explore some psychedelic rock meets jazz kind of stuff with new local bandTe Mahatmasat Te B2on the 5th. May your spirits be in the sky, and your beer stay in your belly. Otherwise, remember that Mega Emotion, Rory McVicar, Dog's Dinnerand Peach Clubare together serving up another satisfying slice of Outline Magazine and BBC Introducing's Te Cut at Open.

48 / May 2016/

If hip-hop DJing, cutting and mixing is you thing you'll be at Epic Studioson the7th for the legend that is Grandmaster Flash.Te council may mess with the roads, but White Lines will forever lead the way.

On the 9thpeachy giants James are at the LCRwhilst BBC Sound of 2016 nominee Frances is at Norwich Arts Centre.Tere are seven of James, but only one Frances. Sit Downand decide.

Nellyville comes to Norwich on the 11th (and again on the 15th). Yes, Mr Hot-In- Herre himself, Nelly, will be encouraging you to take off all your clothes for two nights at the LCR.Te first date is sold out, so instead you could go 2-4-6-8 with Tom RobinsonatNorwich Arts Centre,or get up close and personal with the wonderful Spring Kingat Waterfront Studio.

Indie-rockers Yuckhave new album Stranger Tings to promote, and their tour rolls up at Norwich Arts Centreon the 12th.Lovely. No, really. Never judge a band by its name. Which reminds me, I did actually go to a shit disco once.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival kicks off on the 13thwith their bewildering array of world-class events.

I would need a separate magazine just to list them, so tonight might just go to Te Murderers instead and check out local bandsMarla and Sink Ya Teeth.

Check out the local showcase at Waterfront Studioon the 15th. Four play down by the riverside. Te Renadeans are supported by Tibetan Night Terrors, Changing Times,and Fingers Crossed.

One of my favourite artists, Laura Kidd (aka She Makes War) returns to Openon the 17thand is immediately followed on the 18thby those flute-blowing reviewer-lovers Te Joy Formidable.Do I get a BOGOF?

Fran Healey of Travismay sport a bushy grey beard now instead of the famous 'Hoxton Fin', but there are still enough barbers in Norwich to fashion one for you before heading to the LCRon the 19th.Take an umbrella, though, just in case it rains.

Maya Lawwill be singing at Te Birdcageon the 20th along with Te Fool's Moon. And there's a proper full moon the following night.

Laura Mvulais at Te Waterfronton the 22nd with a voice that envelopes you in golden syrup (making the walk home along King Street a bit sticky).

Lonely Te Bravebring their embryonic stadium rock to Openon the 23rd. If you like Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and Biffy Clyro I think you'll like them. If not, Pugwashmust be worth a punt at the

Waterfront Studio. Tey are from Dublin. Did you see what I did there, captain?

Next Big Ting finalists Dazy Crownare launching their new single back at the Waterfront Studioon the 27th.Get a signed download or whatever, and groove along with support from Silver Jacks, Marigolds,and Midnight Zoo.

Te month ends with a couple of all-dayers that are worth checking out. Down By Te River is an indie fest on the29th at Te Waterfrontheaded up with an 80's triple bill of Te Wonder Stuff, Te House of Love,and Te Woodentops. It starts at 4pm, so there's time for a Sunday roast before starting on your tabs of choice. With all this blossom around, mine will be an antihistamine.

And, finally, Te Brickmakers are holding an Air Ambulance Charity Day on the 30thwith gazillions of local bands, including Ultra Ego, Night Train, Te Black Dogs, Te Claire Barker Band.Te perfect day out for future king and family?

And get yourselves to shed- loads of NNF stuff in between, especially Te Tempestby up-and- coming Stratford playwright William Shakespeareat Great Yarmouth Hippodrome (9th - 21st). Twill be wicked. I kiddeth ye not. See you all in June, storms permitting.

David Auckland

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