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Since being our cover stars last October when they played Norwich Sound & Vision, indie combo Spring King have toured like mad and released high energy singles like Who Are You?. Their gigs are always an upbeat, joyous event. They’ve played Norwich three times before, but this time they’re headlining and they can’t wait to play for us. I spoke to singing drummer Tarek about quitting the day job and what happened at that fated Slaves show at UEA last year.

You were our cover stars back in October last year – what have you been up to since then? We’ve been on tour with Spector, Slaves and even managed to squeeze in a headline tour around the UK! We’ve released the latest single Rectifier and now we’re looking ahead to another headline tour next month in May. Have you all still got your day jobs? Fortunately for now we’ve been able to quit those. Pete was working as a baker and James was at an insurance company. You signed to Island Records not long ago. How is that going? Island have been really laid back and warm with us, we’re part of a big happy family. We’re big fans of Spring King here at Outline. Have you been overwhelmed by the support that’s been shown to you in the last couple years? Tis all started out as a bedroom project for me. I didn’t expect much of it. I just wanted to put

44 / May 2016/

out music on Bandcamp and keep it very low key but it’s grown into such an exciting band. Te guys made that possible, and together we’ve been overwhelmed with all positivity we’ve received from all parts of the world. We’re always done things on our own terms and quite slowly at that, so to see so many fans stick with us on this journey has been great. You’re playing loads of exciting festivals this summer – what’s your best personal festival memory, either as a performer or a punter? As a punter I saw Femi Kuti and Sun Ra at Standon Calling in 2009. It was pretty crazy! I also remember going to Te Big Chill with Pete and Andy when we were younger and I remember Andy just appearing at the tent the next morning having been on an insane adventure. I can’t say much more than that. How are you getting on with your new album? Have you written some songs yet?

“We’ve always had good shows in Norwich.”

Te songs are written and we hope to release it this year! Your latest single Rectifier is a blistering tune. Is it a hint as to future Spring King vibes? Rectifier carries on from the City and Who Are You? sound, and alongside this we’d like to explore a slower and more atmospheric route too. We try to vary things a little bit, but keep it still pretty heavy! We caught you supporting Slaves at UEA here last year,

when Isaac dislocated his shoulder. What was that night like for you, and what happened afterwards, when the rest of the tour was cancelled as a result of his injury? We were all gutted for Isaac, and worried for his health. I can’t imagine how much it must have affected him and the tour. Tey have a great crew and lots of enthusiastic fans, so everyone was really understanding and they were able to reschedule the dates. We’re glad he’s better, but once you’ve seen them play it’s easy to understand how that can happen! Who have you seen or heard recently that we ought to check out? Eliza Shaddad is great, check her out! Also Pete got me onto a band from America called Sheer Mag, they’re sick. Were you tempted to release something special for Record Store Day this year? I’m always tempted to release stuff, but instead I found myself in the depths of Record Store Day in London, hunting through crate upon crate. What’s the hardest thing about playing drums and singing at the same time Tarek? When I make one wrong move, my mind just goes blank. It can be hard to get back into it when you’ve made one error but touch wood I’ve more or less succeeded in recovering from mistakes whilst playing. Synchronising four limbs and vocals is definitely a challenge. I think you’ve played Norwich several times now, including at Norwich Sound & Vision and supporting Slaves. How does it feel to be headlining a show this time around? We’ve played Norwich with Courtney Barnett, Slaves and for Sound & Vision, but this time around it’s our headliner which is kinda nuts. We’ve always had good shows in Norwich, so we feel at home coming back to play. It’s gonna be a wild one I hope!

Lizz Page

INFORMATION Spring King play the Waterfront Studio on 11th May. Tickets available from

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