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could, I think we achieved that under sometimes difficult circumstances. Te Day's War holds great memories and, while the pressures are definitely different these days, we are incredibly proud of what we've produced with this new album. So you’re from Cambridge. What was the music scene like for you there when you were growing up? Did you pop over to Norwich for gigs much when you were young? Cambridge has always had an exciting and varied music scene, it never got stuck on one sound so there have been lots of bands with their own style over the years. It's not always had a huge amount of venues, there was Te Boat Race back in the day as well as a Barfly for a while. Te Portland Arms, Te Junction and Corn Exchange have been the main venues for a long time. As is the case for many bands, we used to watch each other playing in other groups. I remember seeing Dave singing when we were really young and thinking that I'd love to be in a band with him one day! I've seen quite a few bands at the Waterfront in Norwich, we've been fortunate enough to support both Terapy? and Mallory Knox there; it's a great venue. I know your album launch is going to be at the Corn Exchange in May – you must be really excited to play the biggest venue in Cambridge? Incredibly excited and terrified at the same time! It's such an iconic place for Cambridge, some of my favourite gig

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memories are from shows there. Tis ramps up the nerves a fair bit. When you get in front of a home crowd they usually disappear though. Te weight of history can be felt when being in a place like that, just thinking about Pink Floyd playing there in the ‘60's sends a bit of a shiver down my spine. It's just a huge honour treading the same stage as so many amazing bands have done, and the whole thing will be an overwhelming experience. Your songs are so emotional. Are the lyrics based on Dave’s own experiences and passions, and are they sometimes hard for him to sing live because of how personal they might be? Dave's words are definitely very personal, I doubt that they would sound sincere if they weren't. I think the emotion stems from the subject matter and the way we all react to each other musically. You need that feeling there in what you are playing to bring out the best in each other. I can't speak for

“Our only real goal was to make the best record we could.”

16 / May 2016/

Dave, but I'd imagine it can be very hard to sing something that personal. Te lyrics mean a lot to me, even if I don't always fully understand what inspired them - you have to draw your own meanings from songs as well as the literal one. I'd definitely find them hard to sing live, in tune anyway! Who would you say your influences are, and who did you grow up listening to? As a band, we have a wide range of influences from metal and hardcore to hip hop, through acoustic singer/songwriters to film scores. It's important to take in a lot of different music, even if it's not your cup of tea it can open up new ideas. Personally, I like a lot of heavier stuff, stoner rock and sludge bands like Kylesa. When I was very young, my parents mostly listened to classical music but also the Doors, who I love to this day. Later on I got into heavy rock, metal and 90's indie and shoegaze. Some of my all time favourite bands like Faith No More and Pantera played at the Corn Exchange around this time; it was a very influential period in my life. Has it been a struggle to stay focused on the band as you’ve been together for eight years now? We're very lucky to be good friends, and have known each other a long time so that helps a lot when it comes to remaining focused on the important things. When

you've been through a lot of ups and downs together, it gives you a shared sense of purpose, which is important for a group of people who spend a lot of time in a van together. Our main concern has always been making the best music we can and, as long as we have the same vision for doing that we'll be able to stay on track. Eight years sounds like a long time when you say it but it has gone by very quickly. Time flies when you're having fun! What are you most excited about for this next tour? Te Corn Exchange show is definitely up there, but just to be out playing live again is going to be very exciting. Recording the album was a great experience and seeing the singles and videos being released is amazing, but you can't beat the live scenario. It's the time you genuinely get to interact with the people who like your band, and hearing a good reaction is the best feeling on earth. We are rehearsing hard at the moment as our first show is playing the whole of the new album at the Lexington in London. It's been interesting learning the new songs, and some of them have changed a fair bit in the studio. We love a challenge though!

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