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President & CEO John D. Esparza

Sr. Executive Vice President Glenna K. Bruun

Sr. Vice President, Safety & Education Lance Shillingburg

Chief Financial Officer

Jesse Dominguez, CPA, CGMA

Director of Affiliate Operations Dorothy S. Brooks

Director of Policy & Intergovernmental Relations Les Findeisen

Member Events & Information Manager Ann Quass

Director of Office Operations LeAnn Seidenberger

Creative Director Mary W. Crisler

Foundation Liaison and PAC Coordinator Katelyn Deibert

Membership and External Communications Coordinator Madison Porter

Onward to Great Possibilities In reflection, as I hand the reigns of TXTA over to a new chairman, I want to leave a few parting thoughts for posterity’s sake as well as that of due praise.

We have seen a year of immense productivity, legislative growth and exercise, reorganization and staff additions as well as realignment of goals and commitments.

Not just at TXTA, but for Texas as a whole. It behooves us all to work in a state that ranks as the best place in the union to do business … for 11 years running. A state that takes small business seriously and listens to the needs of a growing industry. Now as a born and raised Arkansan, I am tried and true as the day is long, but I am also devoted to trucking and I am proud of Texas and its leadership.

The Award-winning Publication of Texas Trucking Association Summer 2015

Volume 80 Number 2

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Publisher Jennifer Matthews

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Managing Editors John D. Esparza Mary Crisler Art Director

Jon D. Kennedy

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Photographers Jon D. Kennedy John David Pittman

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Gary Salisbury Todd Traub

Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) is an affiliate of the American Trucking Associations. TXTA is a

Texas corporation of trucking companies, private carrier fleets and businesses which serve or supply the trucking industry. TXTA serves these companies as a governmental affairs representative before legislative, regulatory and executive branches of government on issues that affect the trucking industry. The organization also provides public relations services, education services, operational services and serves as a forum for industry meetings and membership relations. For more information, contact TXTA at:

700 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Phone: 512.478.2541 • FAX: 512.474.6494 800.727.7135 •

With a new governor that supports trucking and transportation infrastructure funding, legislators that understand our industry and leaders that hear our concerns and respond to our needs, we have poised ourselves to accomplish great feats.

The legislative session was a success, thanks in large part to our team and the commitment of our association members. When you give up counting the number of people with I Heart Trucks buttons at the capitol because there are just too many and the BBQ runs out before the line does, I count that as a victory. Our triumphs were more than just Trucking Day at the Capitol. We had members testifying, writing letters of support or opposition and well as an active and energetic TruckPAC. Nothing is more important than that synergy.

This year we have also initiated and enhanced partnerships that help everyone’s bottom line. The TXTA Tire Program is expanding and brings resurgence to the member benefits package the association offers. Michelin, Yokohama and BF Goodrich are ready with great tire discounts and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits TXTA works hard to develop.

The future of TXTA is truly inspiring. With our new class of Emerging Leaders Council and as we elevate the Class of 2015 to new heights within the organization, I am confident in the path before this association. The possibilities that lay ahead are endless. We will continue to cultivate leaders and enhance what it means to be part of TXTA.

Speaking of leadership, we are growing on the home front as well. We have added several new staff members focusing on membership, foundation, TruckPAC, external communications and creative marketing. As we increase our staff, we grow our reach and enrich our vision. Again, we are poised for greatness.

In closing, I want to say thank you. Thank you to my lovely wife Suzy, my TXTA friends and colleagues. The horizon is vast, but it is filled with great possibilities.

Gary Salisbury Chief Operating Officer &

Member Services Jason Deanda


Gary Salisbury

TXTA Past Chairman FTL

Summer 2015 9

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