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occurred 15 years ago. The structure was different, but the purpose was the same. This time, the idea came from Jonathan Kennemer, owner of CKJ Trucking, who urged Esparza to create a program for younger executives. Momentum built after TXTA hired former staff member Kelly Crow, who organized the events leading up to the first one in 2013 and then managed it afterwards. Esparza said the class has already

benefitted TXTA. Another class began the day this one graduated. “From our inaugural class, we’ve

already taken members in that class, and they’re already going to be serving in leadership positions on our board, in our foundation, in our committees around the state that give the organization direction,” he said. Class officers were: chairman, Kevin

West, Shippers Express Truck Lines; vice- chairman, Brandon Woods, Refrigerated Transport; secretary, Christi Yost, W.M. Dewey & Son; treasurer, Jessica King, Palletized Trucking; ATA State Liaison, Robert Fuentes, The Fuentes Firm, P.C. Other members of the class were David

Ainsworth Jr., Ainsworth Trucking; Kirsten Barringer, Virtual Financial Services; Wynne Breeden Jr., K.L. Breeden & Sons; Tucker Briscoe, Willis Permian Movers; Clayton Cavell, Protective Insurance; Stephen Dennis, Strasburger & Price; Joe David Garza, Spirit Truck Lines; Ernesto Gaytan Jr., Super Transport International; Michael McDonald, Warriner & Associates Insurance; Austin McDowell, W.M. Dewey & Son; David Price, United Petroleum Transport; Krisha Sanchez, Trinity Risk; Warren Smith, Amsco Transportation; Jennafer Sutton, Empire Truck Lines; Jay Tanet, Kemco Resources; Houston Walker, J.H. Walker Trucking; Joe Walker, J.H. Walker Trucking; and Timmy Yeary, Cline Wood Agency. What did the members think about

their experiences? Kirsten Barringer, 33, has been work-

ing with motor carriers for 12 years with Virtual Financial Services—now as man- agement information systems director, where she consults for trucking companies in accounting, finance and systems design.

Barringer has Barringer

been involved in TXTA through the Houston chapter, but ELC deep- ened that involvement. Clients have approached her because

they knew ELC had given her contacts throughout the industry. “We’ve built some really good rela-

tionships, and I just know a few more peo- ple in the industry who I can call if I have questions or anything like that,” she said. “So that’s been a big aspect of it, and then understanding what TXTA actually does. Like I said, I’ve been going to the confer- ences and that kind of stuff, but I didn’t really feel like I had a good understanding of what the association did as a whole. I would see little pieces here and there.” Wynne Breeden


Jr., 30, executive vice president of Terrell- based K.L. Breeden and Sons, grew up in the family-owned trucking business, which traces

its heritage back four generations to the 1930s. As a young person, he ran the mail- room during his summer vacations. After graduating from Abilene Christian University in 2010, he returned to the trucking industry to work with his family. He said ELC taught him something

new every meeting and helped him net- work with his peers. Based in operations, he said it helped him learn more about safety and compliance issues. “Trucking is kind of a small circle, and

just really getting to know people that my Grandpa was involved with their parents and grandparents back in the ’70s–’80s, it’s just really nice to reconnect and network with some of the people that are going to be players in the future,” he said. Tucker Briscoe, 33, also grew up in a family-owned business. His grandfather, Jerome Willis, started Willis Permian Movers in Odessa in 1973, and his uncle, John Willis III, now runs it. As a Continues

Briscoe Summer 2015 45


August 2013-August 2015 CHAIRMAN Kevin West

Shippers Express Truck Lines, Inc.


Refrigerated Transport, Inc.

SECRETARY Christi Yost

W. M. Dewey & Son, Inc.

TREASURER Jessica King

Palletized Trucking Inc.


The Fuentes Firm, P.C.

David Ainsworth, Jr. Ainsworth Trucking Kirsten Barringer

Virtual Financial Services Wynne Breeden, Jr.

K.L. Breeden & Sons, LLC Tucker Briscoe

Willis Permian Movers Clayton Cavell

Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. Stephen Dennis

Strasburger & Price, LLP

Joe David Garza Spirit Truck Lines

Ernesto Gaytan, Jr.

Super Transport International Michael McDonald

Warriner & Associates Insurance Austin McDowell

W. M. Dewey & Son, Inc. David Price

United Petroleum Transports Krisha Sanchez

Drivers Legal Plan Warren Smith

Amsco Transportation Inc. Jennafer Sutton

Empire Truck Lines Jay Tanet

Kemco Resources, Inc. Houston Walker

J.H. Walker Trucking Joe Walker

J.H. Walker Trucking

Timmy Yeary Cline Wood

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