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HARRY EDWARDS Photo: Gordon Woolcock H

arry Edwards won Future Radio’s Next Big Ting

2014 with his jaw dropping electronic hip hop tunes. He’s had a busy year since then, working with big- name producer Paul Epworth who has written and produced songs for Florence and the Machine, Plan B, and Adele, and also with Beck and other artists. Since Next Big Ting he has also been asked to remix Rosie Lowe, Meadowlark, Club Kuru and Lets Eat Grandma. Harry’s given in his notice at Tesco’s in Ayslham and is headed to the Big Smoke; he’s joining Paul Epworth’s writing and producing team whilst also working on his own music. I caught up with him to find out what the flip it’s like to land your dream job.

Tell me about how it felt to be a part of the Next Big Ting last year. I didn't actually think I was going to even get shortlisted for it at all; in fact I think I entered under the impression it wouldn’t happen. When it did, it hit me that I had no live stuff put together at all; it kicked me in the arse to start thinking about that, as up to that point, I'd just been creating it all in my room, without any knowledge of how I would recreate it in a live setting, including things like how many people I'd need and the equipment.

Would you say that entering and winning the Next Big Ting competition last year has helped you get a foot on the ladder in your musical career? I think it really helped indirectly, more so than I thought it would. It was a huge learning curve for me in what it takes

Yeah I'd been wanting to get into music since I was very young, but I never would have dreamed that entering it at this level and in this capacity would have been possible at all. What have you been up to since you won Next Big Ting? I’ve been offered various contracts from various record labels, including Paul’s. I've been down and helped out in a few sessions he's had at his Church Studio and I'm moving down to London in a week because Paul has offered me a job as a producer, and it's very likely at this stage I'll be signing to their label. Did I see you met ACTUAL BECK? Yeah! One of the sessions recently was with him. It went very well. He got my details from his management because he wants me to work on a song personally for him. At the moment it's pretty surreal! Have you taught yourself how to produce from making your own music at home? Yeah, apart from a couple of drum lessons when I was about eight or nine I've learnt most of it by teaching myself. Have you got any records coming out at any point soon? I don’t think I've actually composed anything of my own this year at all. I've been mainly composing, remixing and writing for other people. I'm planning on getting on with my own music when I get settled in London. I’m signing to their label so my first job will be making music. But then I'll be on call for Paul if he wants me in the studio doing anything, so I have pretty much my dream job plus an out of this world part time job. It’s too perfect; something’s gonna go wrong! And what would you say to someone who was thinking of entering the Next Big Ting competition this year? Go for it! I didn’t think it was going to happen for me. Playing for the semi final of Next Big Ting was my first ever gig and the final was my

to pull off a decent live show. It also triggered Adam Hill (from Norwich’s Alphabet Bands) to send some of my stuff to other bloggers he knew and that really started the ball rolling on blogs beginning to write about me and pick up on my songs. Tat in turn got management companies and record companies to start getting in touch, which was incredibly overwhelming. So although it didn’t directly impact my career, it had a very big indirect impact, and really started all of the communication I began to have with people, including Paul Epworth. Did you actually intend on going into music as a career?

second ever gig! So you don’t have to be super rehearsed. You never know who might be watching. Try and bring something different.

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