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SOS Bus Prince of Wales Road

10 October Magdalen Street Celebrations Norwich

Te Magdalen Street Celebration is a community-led street party celebrating the creativity and diversity of one of Norwich’s most vibrant areas. Until the ‘60’s, Magdalen Street was a completely self-contained medieval quarter, full of workshops and factories. Today something extraordinary is happening. Te street buzzes with renewed energy; new shops and businesses are springing up; artisans are making things in new workshops. You might’ve seen the recent exhibition Tis Is Te Place at Te Forum, with some great photos of shopkeepers from Magdalen Street. Tere’s loads going on during this vibrant one day street festival, from Norwich Samba Band, puppet shows, or a pop up museum on the history of the area right through to performances by young people from Te Garage and local hip hop from Solider A.

Check out their website for a full rundown.

If you’re new to Norwich or find yourself having a wild and crazy time down Prince of Wales Road, Norwich’s premier party road, then we’d like to remind you about the SOS bus. Te bus was established in 2001 after three young people died in the city’s clubland area. It’s there to help you if you can’t get home, get hurt or ill, are in distress for any reason or you just need a friend in the wee small hours. Tey’ve helped thousands of people over the years. You can find the SOS bus on Prince of Wales Rd between 21:00 – 03:00 on Friday and Saturday nights. Look after yourselves out there, people.

15 October Scratch Performance – Scary Shit Te Garage

Rhiannon Faith are heading to Norwich with their latest work in progress Scary Shit, a show about friendship, being a woman and asking for help. A rollercoaster real life experiment, two young women attend therapy to learn about themselves, the world, and dare to suggest a future without fear. We all have personal fears, be it public speaking, smear tests, heights. But what if you could take the time to cure these fears? Would you be a better person? Would the world be a better place? Donations will be taken; give what you can on the night; the fun starts at 19:30.

28 October Kid Carpet & Te Noisy Neighbours Norwich Arts Centre

Will we ever get used to living in the new house? Are the neighbours really feeding cats to their dog? Why do they smell like lemons and cat wee? Where has Dad mislaid the children this time? Can he be unarrested before Mum gets home? And why is that car on fire? Ed Patrick (aka Kid Carpet), creates nonsense music and rock’n’roll theatre shows. His funny and moving new show uses music, puppetry and projection to look at what it’s like to move into a new house in the city and find your place there. Starts at 13:00 and lasts for 50 mins. For kids 5+ and their families. Super fun all round. / October 2015 / 29

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