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his month sees the release of Spectre, the fourth outing for Daniel Craig’s re-suited and booted Bond 6.0. Now, unfortunately, the last couple of Bond films were a bit

like a 1976 Lotus Esprit. Tey looked good, but they were clunky and didn’t work very well. Don’t despair, however, because Bond 24 has ‘spectres’ of classic 007 all over it.

Firstly, the gadgets are back, including the new Aston DB10 complete with hidden weaponry. Last time around, Bond met Q for the first time. It was all very exciting, and what did he bring him? A gun and a GPS beacon. He may as well given Bond a book of Groupon vouchers and a fucking packed lunch.

Bond has previously fought/nobbed/car- chased his way across the globe, from New Orleans to Egypt, and this time we have more exotic backdrops for his spy shenanigans. Ski lodges on snowy mountains, the Vatican - he even ends up at the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico (Live and Let Die, anyone?). Apparently, the lodge could be linked to ski lessons Bond took as a child, so expect more revelations from Bond’s past.

In classic Bond style Spectre is far from a sausage fest, featuring Lea Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Colour) and the amazing Monica Bellucci (Irreversible). If, however you’re expecting passive, giggly, sun-

lounging sex toys, then think again. Both are amazing on screen, with characters integral to the plot. But where would Bond be without villain? Christoph Waltz oozes quiet menace (something he does very well) as he plays Franz Oberhauser, a face from Bond’s past who is involved with the mysterious SPECTRE, who, of course are the hollowed-out volcano dwelling bad guys of Bond films past. Of course, every Bond villain needs a decent henchman, and Dave Bautista certainly looks the part as Mr Hinx. He may not have metal teeth or a razor edged bowler hat, but just look at him - the man’s a fucking unit.

Bond’s latest outing has everything that a 007 film should have, then. But is it licenced to thrill, or will it leave you shaken, but not stirred? Well, our intel suggests it’s good. I mean it’s not Connery, but it is a full house for Mendes on his last tour of duty as the man who breathed the life back into Bond.

Smiley 8/10

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