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As always, it’s been a while (a month) since we last spoke. I miss you. I saw you turn off down a side road when our eyes met the other day, I’m just here crying into my keyboard 30 days of the month. I’m wondering where you are, what gigs you’re at. Are you thinking of me? Do you listen to my suggestions? Can I have a piece of your hair?

Maybe I’ll see some of you, my adoring fans, at Norwich Arts Centre for Te Bohicason the 2nd. It’s loud, it’s fast, just like us…we could reconcile? We could forget about it all, just for one night?

I like grime (surprise surprise you say), do you like grime? Shall we see some? Stormzy’s at Open on the 3rd.

Indie white boys with guitars are sometimes in bands and sometimes they are called Versus and sometimes they play with other bands called Te Gospel Youth. Tat’s happening at Te Waterfront Studioon the 5th. I probably won’t go, but I might if you do. I don’t know, just let me know. I don’t care either way.

DIY indie pop heroes Frankie & Te Heartstrings are at NAC on the 6th. Tey’re also white boys with guitars, but a different type. Oh, you like them? Tey’re my favourite band, so…

On the 8th, 9th and 10th of October you are receiving the gift of Norwich Sound and Vision Festival.As with all gifts, you should not look them in the mouth. Or not cut off your horse to spite your face. Or shit on your dining room table. If our relationship ever meant anything to you then I’ll see you middle centre to dance to LoneLady, Spring King, Claws, Ducking Punches, Black Honey, Clarence Clarity, Wreck Age, Graceland, Palace, Best Friends, Rope Store and SO MANY MORE at NAC, Te Mash Tun, Te Murderers, Te Forum and more.

Ride are an old band and probably very tired, just like your jokes. We had that song together remember? I’ll dread that moment but it will still be nice to see you, I think. I mean, I think. UEA, 12th.

Harry Bird & Te Rubber Wellies think they’re well quirky because of

their shit name. Bicycle Shop. 13th.

By the 13th it’s also time for Gengahr at NAC. By now I’m finding it weird that I keep bumping into you, are you following me? I need you to stop, I need you, I need you to stop, I need…

Eliza Carthy and Te Wayward Bandare at Openon the 14th.Why don’t you just marry her if you love her that much? Fuck sake.

Tis one’s mine, if you’re at Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 14th I don’t want to know. Acid Mothers Temple are playing with BK&Dad and Wreck Age. As if you even like them anyway. Name one song. Name it. Get your own personality.

well fuck you. I’ll be there too.

Pony Up is hosting the radicalMicachu & Te Shapeson the 20th at NAC.

I’m having regrets about what I said the other day. I’m sorry. I miss you.

I’ve asked Sam Lewis to dedicate a song to you at Te Bicycle Shopon the 27th. Say you’ll come?

✯✯✯✯✯ GRAVY’S TRACK of the

MONTH ✯✯✯✯✯



I’m thinking about proposing at Lapsleyat Te Waterfront Studioon the 28th . I don’t know, too much? Too soon? I just feel like when it’s right, it’s right you know?


Weird “blues” stuff at B2 on the 15th Willie & Te Bandits.Heard you’re going with “her”. Whatever.

Tere’s a new night coming to Te Waterfront Studioon the 16th. Pre // Prop hosts Keep Up, No Holy Men and Lightscape. I’m sure you’ll be there seeing as you’re all about shiny new things,

I’ll meet you at Te Staveson the 31st. I’ll wait outside NAC. Maybe we could get dinner first? I’ve booked somewhere. Meet me if you can. I love you. I hate you.

I need some time. A month or so. Let me clear my head.

32 / October 2015/

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