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MetConnect promotion T

o celebrate the benefits of combining its MetPak Pro and MetStream products, Gill Instruments Ltd,

which designs and manufactures meteorological equipment, has launched the MetConnect promotion, which runs for three months from 7 July. MetConnect is the

combination of MetPak Pro

and MetStream into one package, which provides the ability to link, bridge, store and stream data between devices. MetPak Pro is a professional

compact weather station, which includes four interface ports for connecting additional third-party sensors. It can be used for any weather monitoring application on land or sea. MetPak Pro comes with approvals, including IEC-60945 for marine environments and has

communications protocols including MODBUS. It provides exceptional quality

data and reliability suitable for professional reference quality measurements on six weather parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, wind direction and wind speed). It allows users to connect and supply power to other sensors through a digital rain gauge input, sensitive PRT and analogue inputs.

MetStream is an intelligent

communications hub, which seamlessly connects to MetPak Pro, connecting data from sensors to the internet or any network with its Ethernet port or built in Wi-Fi. Launched earlier this year, MetStream is one of the first meteorological devices capable of sampling data from multiple customised sensors without the need for user programming. It streams data directly to any browser

All-welded finger pier

The Pontos finger pier from We Trade International AB combines a robust, all-welded boom frame, a 375 litre rectangular float and a 45 cm wide walkway made from expanded metal to ensure extreme stability. Pontos is available in lengths of six and eight metres supported by a single float, and ten and 12 metres supported by two floats.


It is attached to pontoons with substantial quick fit brackets for ease of installation. A large selection of accessories

and spare parts is available for the company’s finger piers, including single and double-sided bins to keep mooring lines tidy. We Trade International AB

via its built-in webserver, has low power consumption (2W) and a high sampling rate (up to 100Hz). Offered at a promotion price

to users who want an easy-to- use, customisable met system, MetConnect is also very simple to set up and requires no complicated user programming. Users can connect additional sensors for a fully customised professional grade met system and carry out status monitoring and fault finding on remote installations. Gill Instruments Ltd

Game-based safety simulation

The European launch of Marina Safety Awareness Training by MYMIC Global Ltd, a high- technology company specialising in game-based learning, simulations, modeling and computer visualisation solutions, took place at the recent Seawork International Exhibition. MYMIC, which develops a variety of safety training solutions and works closely with marinas across the United States and Canada, is now bringing its experience and technology to Europe. The product utilises 3D game-

based training to allow trainees to interact with a virtual marina. Faced with realistic scenarios, the trainee learns how to identify and deal with potential hazards. It includes an introduction to

the marina environment and a safety summary. Packages are available as bundles and they can be customised with modules of choice and company logos. All bundles support European Agency for Occupational Safety & Health Administration (EU- OSHA) compliance. Topics are wide-ranging and

cover areas such as dock hazards, fueling, electrical, hazcom signage, the PASS technique for fire extinguisher use, heat injuries, travel lift/forklift, dry stack storage, spill response, ladders/scaffolds, power tools, cold weather, power washing, painting and use of respirators. Mymic Global Ltd

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