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nvesting in service pedestals is just the initial expense in delivering utilities to your customers. Providing utilities as a gratuity

within ‘Mooring Fees’ will likely result in an ever-increasing overhead, with conservative consumers and/ or the operator subsidising heavy and wasteful customers, continually adding pressure to the need to increase berthing fees. Commercially and for valid

environmental reasons, it is no longer acceptable to continue using and/or supplying utilities free at the point of use.

Businesses re-charging for usage

must comply with a raft of associated regulations and, at best, an operator can only target to recover their costs. Dumb meters deployed to

each utility outlet to measure consumption and charge usage will incur significant additional labour costs. Each billing requires

staff footwork to obtain meter readings, whatever the weather, with substantial administration to follow: calculations, bills raised, posted, wait for payments, disputes, write-offs, banking – all whilst the business has paid its supplier. Pre-paid card solutions place

different demands and overheads on the operator and its customers. Marina customers are generally infrequent visitors to their vessels. To maintain a positive card balance, responsible marinas will utilise staff time to frequently review cards in use, regardless of the weather. Cards found to have a low balance require that the respective customer is contacted and top-up payment obtained. This is a nice personal service, but a time-consuming overhead. Traditional methods of re-

charging usage have an underlying flaw where a boat can be readily

SMART services newly installed at Premier’s Swanwick Marina – customer keypad and service pillars supplied and installed by Sureline Ltd.


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