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Christmas and Carol services, ‘cos that’s how we roll, but for now let me tell you about the month of November…


Tere’s no waiting around for things to happen; on the 1styou can go and fill up on some pop-punk goodness in the shape of Gnarwolves at Epic.

Reggae and its genre offshoots are loved around these parts so we’ll all be enjoying a Red Stripe at Norwich Arts Centreon the 2ndwhilst soaking up the sounds of fresh young upstarts, By Te Rivers. Tese boys gonna be big.

Now hear this! We’re always pleased when people start something fresh and new, it’s what keeps our thriving music scene so vibrant, so I’m pleased to tell you we’ve got some new kids in town in the form of brand spanking new label ‘Meat Fer Manners’. Tey’ll be concentrating on beautiful physical items as well as downloads and they want to introduce themselves to you on the3rdvia their very first release party at the one and only Looses EmporiumonMagdalen Street!What a splendid idea. Amongst cigarette cards and vintage hats,Te Sound of Sight will be debuting his new EP. Tis event starts in the afternoon at 1.30 folks.

Also on the 3rd,you can

ext mont it’ll all be about

see that one wot was on X Factor singing about beer and toast or something. Tat’sLucy Spragganat theUEA.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November cos Gravy’s dishing you up a nice warming slice of totally excellent music. A quieter curation this time with Grass House, Wooden Arms and Milly Hirst,but no less impactful. Tat’s at Olives.

LuckilyTe Staves’music is far more compelling than their Facebook posts and on the 6thyou can experience those beautiful harmonies for yourself at the Waterfront.

Tere’s more pop-punk at Epicon the7th in the form of Moose Blood or you can check out Te Hard Groundat Te Bicycle Shopfor something a bit more plinky- plonky.

Gravy’s very ownGod Damnare heading to Openon the8th to play with Antlered Man + Bovine + Rammerator.Tat’s gonna be good AND loud. Great combo. Te same night there’s also Mutya Keisha and Siobhanat theUEA. Teir “debut” single Flatline is a total pop scorcher.

On the9thyou can check outMallory Knoxat the WaterfrontOR you can go support your local faves at

the Final of Te Next Big Ting competition feat. Te Tinking Men, Koi Paraga, Freyr, Unix, Dr Clyde and Mega Emotion.

Tere’s the wonderful Laura Veirson the10that NACand on the 12thyou can party like it’s 2007 with Har Mar Superstar at the Waterfront Studio.


On the13th go check out a heady blend of British and Indian folk music in Dan Walsh & Suhail Yusuf Khan atTe Bicycle Shop.


On the15th you could go seeMount Kimbieat NACbut it’s SOLD OUT sucka so why not head toTe Birdcagefor Heart of a Dog’s

“HOSS” single launch. Tey’re right good.

n the 16thBo Nanafana presentsImelda Mayat Openand on the 17thI’ll be watchingChas & Dave’s Xmas Knees Upat St Andrews Hall.Not

You catch the melancholy electronic musings ofMat Riviereat theRumsey Wellson the19th. Delicious.

46 /November 2013/

tweeOFF! Is back on the 20thwith slacker rockers YuckatNorwich Arts Centre.

On the25th Palma Violets tear it upthe Waterfront or you can go and watch Bez do nothing withHappy Mondays atUEA.

MS MRbring their pop vibes to the Waterfronton the26th.

If thrash metal is your game then head toEpicon the 27th for good times with Havok, Angelus Apatrida, Savage Messiah and Kemakil.

Finish up your gig going month in style with the one and only Lene Lovich Band. In this case your lucky number is 29.Cos that’s the date you can check her out atNorwich Arts Centre.


See you for festive treats next month. Over and Out.


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