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Squares and be deemed a legend. Actually, that’s fairly deserved. But one man has consistently been referred to as such, and also carries the weighty title of Te Godfather of Old Skool. It’s been a four-decade spanning career in the dance music industry that has earnt him this stature and one song we’ll never tire of, ‘On a Ragga Tip’. As half of SL2, and latterly as DJ extraordinaire, Slipmatt, the legend continues…


he term legend gets bandied around a little too freely these days. Your mate can come back from the shop with a Wispa Gold and a packet of

I’ve still been nice and busy back at home - I’ve been to Ibiza a few times. I did a World of Rave gig there the other month and I've done a few other abroad gigs, but it's been nice.

Well, it’s cold here today Matt, but you’ve certainly warmed me up - I've just been listening to your Bestival set on SoundCloud. I've had my headphones on all afternoon, ignoring everyone, so I'm warmed up a bit. Tat set’s indicative of a good summer, I’m imagining. Yeah, it’s been a nice year, actually. I haven’t been away so much this year. I

did every week in Ibiza last year - seventeen, eighteen weeks on the trot, just going over for a day at a time, which becomes quite hard work actually. You get very, very tired, especially when you're getting home on a Friday afternoon without any sleep, then you’ve got to go out working all weekend on the road. So this one’s been quite a chilled one;





You obviously have a huge following but I wondered, you know, in the case of things like Bestival – is it nice to sometimes play festivals where you might get the uninitiated stumbling into the tent and have their minds blown? Yeah, totally. Every festival I’ve done over the last couple of years – and I've done Glastonbury this year and Bestival the last couple of years, Boomtown as well – there’s these people who pop up and say, “Oh, I haven’t seen you for years. Not since ’92, or whenever.” Tey’ve been walking along, they’ve heard the music and come in and it was amazing. Tere’s still loads and loads of ravers around, although the festival crowds seem to be a bit older now, you know, than the average sort of club crowds. Teir kids have grown up and they’re sort of like, ‘time to go out again! Relive the old days! I get a lot of that at the festivals, so it’s really nice actually.

You must know that the rave scene in Norfolk is still really strong. I don’t know if it’s just that we’ve got such big fields to put them on in, but it's still huge here! Yeah, Norfolk and Suffolk an’ that has always been really ravey – loads of forest parties and all that, so I’m told. I've not done so many of the free parties, you know, I’ve done a few over the years but nah, it’s very much rave- orientated.

So if I was to take you back a long, long time ago now, there were loads of DJs who were really good at what they do, and did well at it, but how did you make that step into production? It was always something that I wanted to do, the production thing. I actually had my first tune out in 1989, believe it or not. I was messing around with music from probably about 13 or 14. My dad had an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, quite a snazzy one actually - I think he got it cheap from work or something! And I used to splice the tape and mix tracks together - and this is before Technik 1200s were common in clubs; around that time

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