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or to compose music for someone else's work! If I were topay homage to any choreographers, I think they'd probably be the contemporaries of the ones you mention - I'm a huge fan of Larry Kegwin, Doug Varone, Ohad Naharin and Wayne McGregor.

I don’t often watch music videos, as I like to make up the pictures myself, but yours are a joy to watch. Tey’re a stylistic extension of your music – do they play an important role for you? Tank you! We really appreciate that. Te music has always been the most important and driving force of the project but we're both very visually oriented people and we embraced the opportunity to develop a fully fleshed out aesthetic to accompanythe music. It's an incredibly satisfying element of the project and is a chance to expand and experiment as artists, especially since we are so obsessed with mixed media and collage.

Talking of a stylistic extension, let’s talk hair – you must have a seriously good colourist…?! LP:Yes I do! I'm so lucky to have found Lena Ott who colours my hair! I've been dyeing it since I was in high school really and it's amazing to connect with Lena and allow her to see my craziest hair fantasies into realities! She always encourages me to follow my next questionable hair idea [LAUGHS]

It’s fair to say that America has got behind you as a band – all your tour dates there are sold out – that must be a great affirmation that you’re doing a good thing? It's mind-blowing! Ultimately we just made music that we both really loved; the fact that people are connecting with it is just amazing. We're just incredibly appreciative and humbled by the whole experience.

I’ve been really enjoying your album. Musically, you’ve been described as pop, but that sort of doesn’t do justice to its complexity of moods – it’s quite sombre. Did you already have an idea of the sonic palette you were hoping to achieve before making it? Again, thank you! We proudly identify our music



as pop because for us pop can mean so many things and be found in so many different genres. A core ethos of our band is experimentation and we tried to incorporate a wide array of genres and sounds to keep pushing ourselves as artists. Tere really wasn't much discussion before we began about what kind of band we were going to be or the music we were going to make; it was much more visceral and organic than that. We just wrote on a track-by-track basis until we had a collection of material. From there, we found the threads of similarity that brought it all together.

‘Salty Sweet’ is a great change of pace. It’s jaunty, and mixes things up nicely. Do you feel like you’ve got a tonne more sounds to experiment with? ‘Salty Sweet’ is probably our favorite song to

perform live and holds a real sweet spot for us because it developed so much through the whole process. We both absolutely feel like there is so much for us to play and experiment with - these are the first songs we have ever written so we're really only just starting to scratch the surface of what we're capable of.

I read that among other things, you can’t live without mixtapes – if you had to make one for each other, what would be on it? We absolutely love mixtapes - so much so that we make them for our fans through a series we call Track Addict that we give away for free on our Soundcloud. Honestly, those are a good barometer of the sort of things we're listening to and the artists we're excited about, so check it out!

And you also love to get in to a boxset – I’ve come late to the party on Game of Trones, but I love it… How cool was it when you got chosen as the music for the Season 3 trailer??! It was completely wild!! It's our favourite TV show so we were just excited as the next person for the Season 3. AND THEN they used our song for the trailer! It's the dream sync.

Emma R. Garwood

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