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that you produce something but then for every person who experiences that art, it’s something completely – they have a completely separate relationship with it, but it is their own. Yeah, I would completely hope for that. I mean that’s kind of the whole point really. Tere’s no point just me wallowing in the past! But obviously yeah, I hope that people feel that way.

Have you ever imagined, like pictured a particular listener, and imagined what environment they would be listening to in? Do you imagine them in their bedroom or with their headphones walking to work or anything like that? Yeah. I mean it’s hard to imagine. I still find it really hard to imagine. I would like to imagine someone singing along really loudly and really inappropriately in the shower or in their bedroom when they were getting ready. I mean I know it’s not like going out music but if they were feeling kind of, I don’t know, passionate about something or angry, they would be singing really loudly along with one of the songs… because that’s what I used to do in the shower! So I hope that someone is enjoying it in that way.

Yeah, I love a good sing along. But you find – when I try and sing along, I start mimicking your voice, I can’t help it! I used to do that. I used to sing along to Whitney, like Whitney or you sing along to Christina Aguilera…

But then the more I sing and perform with London Grammar and I write songs for my boys, I think that – I would

hope that something – there is something unique there. I mean I don’t

You’re now in the arena where big, glossy magazines have to pluck words out of dictionaries to convey what they perceive to be you as a band. I was reading the Glamour interview with you and they described you as

But I’ve heard a theory that if you listen enough to one vocalist, your voice starts to bend in that direction. Was there one artist when you were little that over and over and over you would sing? Tere’ve just been so many vocalists that I’ve grown up listening to. I think that they’ve all influenced me really. You definitely can develop and change a voice. I can actually do quite a good impression of some vocalists.

Oh, yeah…? I can do quite a good Lana Del Rey and I can do quite a good Jessie J, …actually I don’t think that’s a good impression to be honest! It is true that a voice can be very influenced by who you listen to.

14 /November 2013/

Sometimes at gigs, me, Dan and Dot will be cracking a few jokes on stage and I think people are quite surprised.

sound like Michael Jackson. I would love to sound like Michael Jackson. Tat would be great.

I think it says a lot about a band, and the their future plans, the track they choose to finish the album with. I’ve heard that you went with the song that got a lot of people interested in you guys in the first place. Was that particularly significant, you

putting it at the end of the album? Yeah, and I think that’s the reason. It just made sense to put it at the end and it’s – it’s my voice, a piano and strings. So it’s very simple and we just found it’s a peaceful way to end the album. I think for me, it means the most to me. Tat was it probably.

“brooding” and “elusive”. Are you elusive? Are you brooding? Or do you like chuckle a little bit on those kinds of words? I don’t think either of those things, I don’t know. I certainly don’t think we’re elusive. Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? People describe everything in their own way, which is great. I mean the funny thing is the music is very brooding. I can hear that. It’s pensive and I definitely think that. But it’s quite funny because in real life and sometimes at gigs, me, Dan and Dot will be cracking a few jokes on stage and people are – I think people are quite surprised. Yeah.

Now Hannah, you’re coming to Norwich and I’m absolutely certain that you will bring us an absolutely knockout show. What, as an audience, can we do for you to put Norwich at the top of the gig list? I would like everyone to just be really rowdy and have a good time. Yeah, I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Emma R. Garwood

London Grammar play a sold out show at Open, on Bank Plain, Norwich. For all the details, go to Read the full interview online at

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