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01 November PhilomenaSteve Coogan shows that there’s a lot more to his repertoire than anecdotes about Swaffham spice museum with this expertly written, wittily scripted tale of a journalist on the story of a woman whose son was taken away from her when she was forced to live in a convent.

08 November Short Term 12Brie Larson stars in this award winning film about a foster carer working in a dysfunctional facility. Loaded with great, multi- dimensional characters, this is a must see for people who watch films for the journey as much as the destination.

22 November ParklandJust when I thought I might have a month without a bad word to say about a movie, they go andrelease this pile ofsycophanticshit. JFK gets shot, everyone else howls like lost 3 year olds in a cemetery, that’s it. Utter bollocks!

29 November CarrieChloe Grace Moretz stars in this eagerly anticipated horror about why you shouldn’t pick on the weird kid at school. It may end at the prom, but American Pie this is not. Blood and dirty pillows aplenty – yay! Smiley


Eeloo? Warner Brothers? Ees Guillermo Del Torro ‘ere. Ees about thees

screept you wan’ me to direct… Si, weeth the eenvasion of Earth by the giant leezards… Well, ees preety stoopid, no? Why the people make the beeg robots to ponch the leezards on the nose? Why they no use the same technology to make the beeg gons…? Si, the robots have the beeg gons, but they no use them unteel after the ponching… Well, I donno, I think ees preety stoopid. I’m Guillermo Del Torro. I make the great feelms like Pan’s Labyreenth. I gotta bad feeling about thees one… Si, si, eet will have the beeg effect bodget, but all the

feelms have the beeg effect bodget. What about the acteeng?... Ah, Eedrees Elba, si, very good actor, but look at thees sheet dialogue you wan’ heem to say. I canna make heem say soch sheet theengs. And thees story, all fool of clichés and theengs alreedy used too moch… Si, tropes… It seems like it wreeten by a leetle boy weeth the learneeng problem… Si, si, I know you wan’ cheeldren to go see eet, bot I theenk you godda make eet interesting for the adolt too, si? I theenk only people enjoy this feelm will be cheeldren and, how you say, eediot sheet-for-brains…? Ok, ok, how moch you gonna pay me…? Fock, that moch, uh? Ok, I make your seely feelm but I tell you now, I theenk eet gonna sock reel bad. Jay Freeman


04 November Tis is the EndTe team behind Pineapple Express (yay!) and Your Highness (um…) play “themselves” in this apocalyptic stoner comedy. It’s not to everyone’s taste but there’s a lot to like here, and Michael Cera’s turn as a coke- addled “Michael Cera” is a treat.

11 November Monster’s UniversityIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Mike and Sully, and this prequel to Monsters Inc. is as funny, moving and visually ground- breaking as the original. Pixar are bewilderingly consistent at producing truly excellent family entertainment without adhering to an obvious formula, and this is no departure from form.

18 November Te WolverineWasn’t there another Wolverine origins film a while back? I’m pretty sure I remember that. It was wintery. Catwoman and Gladiator were in it, too. Maybe I dreamt it. Ah, nope, that was Les Miserables. As you were…

25 November Breaking Bad: Te Final SeasonAt the risk of boring regular readers by going on about BB again I’ll simply point out that more level-headed and hyperbole-shunning men than I have described this final season as “flawless”. And I agree with them. Te complete series boxset is also released on the same day. Jus’ sayin’. Jay Freeman

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